Project 365: Day 136 – The vendors and their assistants

14th November 2014 – Bhaktapur, Nepal

They sold pots, trinkets, momos and anything else that could be sold here.
And they painted a colourful canvas against the russet streets of this place.
But its not the vendors who stole the eye of this hopeless shutterbug,
It was their children who ran away with megabytes of my storage space.
Bhaktapur Nepal

I clicked the vendors. But I clicked their assistants more. – Bhaktapur, Nepal

Last evening, I had made 2 new friends. One was a French photographer, who was volunteering in Nepal. And another was an Israeli girl, who was making her first visit to Nepal. And she informed us that somebody had promised to take her to see a Lama, a Buddhist spiritual leader, in Bhaktapur. So, we joined.

Midway through, my scam alert piqued, and I could sense that the ‘lama visit’ was just a prelude to buy some of the paintings on the side-display. So, I scooted from the place with the French guy, and we continued to make some pictures of the Bhaktapur square.

Today morning, started with the breakfast discussion with the Israeli girl, who finally found out that the visit to see the Lama was an attempt to scam her. She continued about how can people use religion, to try and cheat others. I had only 3 words for her: “Welcome to Asia”

The rest of the day went towards clicking the different vendors on the streets, and their trusted assistants. Which in this case, was their own children. And then a failed attempt to see the sunset at Nagarkot, reaching there far too late.

Packing my bags now. Nepal has been fun, but I need to be moving again. Blame it on the itchy feet.

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