Project 365: Day 135 – Pottery, temples and a lot of bliss

13th November 2014 – Bhaktapur, Nepal

The black clay, like a distressed maiden, purred in the hands of the man,
He treated her right, pressed all the right areas, and made a woman out of a girl.
And like an unseen force, guiding the light to crawl its way through the buildings,
From meaningless clay, he somehow managed to reinvent a forlorn pearl.
bhaktapur pottery square in Nepal

An early morning walk, does have some benefits to it. Like seeing these scenes – Bhaktapur, Nepal

I have been staying in Bhaktapur the last couple of days, but didn’t get a chance to explore it, thanks to a date with bureaucracy yesterday. I met an Israeli girl yesterday, with whom I made a plan to explore it in the early morning today.

Well, she slept. :-D. So, I went out on my own, early in the morning, towards the amazing squares of Bhaktapur. If you haven’t heard of Bhaktapur yet, let me tell you something. This is the most photogenic place I have been to in Nepal. Ancient buildings lined up the narrow streets, all paved with red and russet stones, and the first rays of the sunlight peeping through these buildings, is a magnificent sight to behold. I made friends with a couple of little beggar boys – with the same technique I used in Pushkar – who actually became my tour guides, just in exchange for a breakfast that cost me 100 NPR. Thats Karma and Indian shrewdness combined into a neat little package, I tell you!

Among all the darbar squares in Bhaktapur, my favourites were the pottery squares, where people started kneading clay early in the morning to make earthen pots. But despite their name, there are also other activities that happen in these squares. Like the unique way of sifting the grains, shown above.

I tried to google for the science behind this, but my intellect is too tired to process any of the stuff I read. Kind of like watching Interstellar, I think.

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