Project 365: Day 133 – The first of many Darbars

11th November 2014 – Kathmandu, Nepal

I dont trust too much when someone sells heritage to me,
but if that someone is UNESCO, there must be something to the tale.
I rode out to find a crafty little square, in the middle of a bustling city.
With artefacts, temples, and cute little children, photogenic to the grandest scale.
Patan Darbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal.

She fell in love with the elephant. I fell in love with her. – Patan Darbar square, in Kathmandu, Nepal

I woke up very early in the morning today. Partly to drop one of my friends in the Kathmandu Tribhuvan airport, and then also to check out the morning frenzies at the Patan Darbar square.

Darbar squares are a common occurrence throughout Central Nepal. A darbar square is basically a palace square, used in the days of the old kings, where he built small temples around the square, and people gathered on the square to listen to public announcements. I visited the Patan Darbar square today, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are also others in the area, like the Kathmandu Darbar square, and the Bhakatpur Darbar square, both of which I will try to visit over the next few days. The Darbar square now is a hotspot of activity, covering everything from the temple-goers, to the street vendors, to tourists lugging around their cameras. There was even a Chinese photo tour group today, who were lugging around 2 or 3 cameras per person!

In the middle of it all, I saw this girl sitting under an elephant statue. It was love at first sight. She turned out to be the perfect model I could have asked for. She smiled, put up her fingers in a V-sign, and chuckled heartily every time I showed her the picture I just clicked.

In the end, we ended up enjoying a chocolate under the temple doors. It was over, our romance of a few minutes. I had to leave, and she went back to her elephant.

I had found love. And lost it. All before I even had my morning coffee.

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