Project 365: Day 131 – Riding on coffee to Kathmandu 3

9th November 2014 – Pokhara, Nepal

There is an end to every trek, and to every long ride, they say.
Mine doesn’t seem too near, as I keep egged on by warm smiles.
Oxygen is a luxury that I seem to lack in Pokhara, but I don’t miss it much.
I could live on coffee for eons to come. Or ride for unknown miles.
Coffee in Pokhara, Nepal

People have it wrong. The most effective fuel, is often simple coffee. – Pokhara, Nepal

It must be the thinner oxygen levels in the high altitudes of Nepal. I don’t know how else to explain my laziness ever since I have reached here. I am eating a lot, but seem to be always tired and sleepy.

I had to shake off the feeling today. It had been a good 4 days in Pokhara, and with the added benefit of having my friends visiting me here. But I was long overdue for Kathmandu, and had to get my ass moving. After all, I have to be in Kolkatha by December 1st, and that too after visiting Bhutan.

So, I set off again today. But not before some early morning coffee with friends. I topped up the caffeine with 2 red bulls along the way. I needed all the energy I could get for the 200 KM stretch between Pokhara and Kathmandu, which had some of the biggest ass-crunching bumps I have ever encountered. If you are a rider, you will have a love-hate relationship with this road. On one hand, the views are amazing, just short of my Munnar experience. On the other hands, you have to be extremely careful, as some bumps can actually be fatal if you are travelling at a faster speed.

To my credit, I arrived in Kathmandu. Alive. And checked into a hotel in the touristy Thamel area. Well, more about that tomorrow.

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