Project 365: Day 130 – From lakeside, to the damside

8th November 2014 – Pokhara, Nepal

After the beguiling excitement of a waterfall, and an expensive cave.
After the sun said goodbye, and spread around its last few benevolent rays.
There was just a boat. And the magnificent view of the lake cradling it.
Reflections are a mind-numbing thing. They catch you off guard either ways.
Fewa lake in pokhara, Nepal.

The lake has beautiful views, even during the night – Pokhara, Nepal

Since I had seen most of the touristy lakeside in Pokhara, I headed east today. Not before we visited a nice, little orphanage in central Pokhara. The Namaste foundation has been rescuing orphaned children for the last few years, and I heard of it from one of my volunteering friends, as being one of those foundations in Nepal where volunteering is definitely worth it. Luckily, it was an open house today, and we were greeted by kids who performed some local dances. We distributed some sweets, and proceeded on our way to see the other sights of Pokhara.

There are a few touristy stuff you can check out towards the east of the Fewa lake. Mainly, the Devi’s fall and the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave. The Devi’s fall has a very interesting etymology. Apparently, some guy named David had a wife, who fell into this waterfall, and died. The fall was hence named David’s fall, which gradually succumbed to the localisation, and became Devi’s fall. Why didn’t I think of that!?

I didn’t see the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave though. The entry was a ridiculous 200 NPR (Devi’s fall was only 30 NPR), and from what I had seen of it from google, it definitely wasn’t worth that much. So, we skipped that totally. With sunlight already fading, we headed to a little park, still on the east side of Pokhara. The damside park – yes, that is the name – is built on the side of the Fewa Lake Dam, and had some interesting reflections.

It grew better after the sun vanished completely. And I didn’t even have a tripod.

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