Project 365: Day 129 – Swinging by Sarangkot. Or maybe not.

7th November 2014 – Pokhara, Nepal

I gave in finally, to the nudging and coercion from friends, too dear.
To the slopes where the plains grew greener, and the clouds grew whiter.
But a wrong turn makes a huge difference, even if the shutterbug loves it.
Maybe we are not meant to meet. Sarangkot, and this impulsive hiker.
The kids you swing by on the south slope trail to Sarangkot - Pokhara, Nepal

The kids you swing by on the south slope trail to Sarangkot – Pokhara, Nepal

I had 2 of my close friends from Singapore pay me a surprise visit yesterday. I wasn’t sure if they were coming to Nepal, but they did. And they even brought a surprise birthday cake, to compensate for the lonely birthday I had spent in Agra.

So, they had the moral highground to blackmail me emotionally. “We came all the way to celebrate your birthday, and you won’t even go for a short hike with us?! So, went the emotional guilt-tripping. I finally gave in. I choose the smallest hike that we could. The sarangkot hike took only a few hours, and was relatively way too easy when compared to the other big bully hiking circuits in this area.

We started in the morning, after a hearty breakfast of course (I cannot even walk out of my hotel without a breakfast), and slowly started on the south slope trail from Lakeside in Pokhara, towards Sarangkot. It was a distance of just 10 Km, but without my motorbike, I was waxing with fatigue by the minute. The south slope trail is not your conventional trail. It passes by the side of the Fewa lake for most of the stretch, allowing me to take pictures of interesting kids playing by the lake shores. Like the one in the picture here.

This failed hiking attempt was much better compared to the time I tried to hike up the Tiger’s nest in Bhutan. Read about it here!

But we missed a crucial turn. There is a right turn to be taken at Sedibogar village, which we completely missed out. So, we continued along the lake trail, and realising after nearly 10 KMs, that we were way past the Sarangkot.

So, as usual, we settled into a couple of beers, and then left back to the comfort of our guesthouse rooms. Sarangkot will have to wait for now.

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