Project 365: Day 127 – Following the road to Pokhara

5th November 2014 – Lumbini, Nepal

There were reflections to be seen, and cyclists to be gawked at,
And those rickshaw drivers. Oh, those guys who never tire.
I had to soak in all these sights, and more on the road,
Before the rain sent chilled daggers into my soaked attire.
Quite a ride it was today - Lumbini, Nepal

Quite a ride it was today – Lumbini, Nepal

I left Lumbini in the morning, towards Pokhara. Not before a lazy breakfast, and gawking at the reflections of the Buddha museum, and the rickshaw pullers etched against it.

Turned out to be a mistake to waste that precious time. The distance from Lumbini to Pokhara was only 200 KM. But the first 20 KM of that stretch was a road that can never be called a road. There were only rocks and gravel, and it took me 2 hours just to cross that 20 KM stretch alone.

Two things made matters worse. I grew lazy and stopped for a long and lavish lunch at the town of Tansen, midway on the route. And towards the end, I got my first rain since Goa, forcing me to stop just 30 KMs away from Pokhara, for about an hour. And after the rain, the cold was unbearable, the road was unreliable and I continued at 20 KPH. The fact that I was way above normal sea level, had everything to do with this decision.

With all these aspects combining in a mythical proportion, I rode into Pokhara at an unearthly time of 9 PM. Everything had closed by then, and I was lucky to find a cheap guesthouse.

I think I will crash in 3, 2, 1….

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