Project 365: Day 97 – Myanmar in Mumbai

6th October 2014 – Mumbai, India

The remains of a negligent civilisation, and a recent festival
had littered the waters and made it impossible to even look at.
Ignoring through the dark mist, and the ghosts of our past,
The golden dome rises above them all, arching towards the sky.
I could have sworn I was back in Myanmar. - Mumbai, India

I could have sworn I was back in Myanmar. – Mumbai, India

I have been discovering elements of a lot of other countries in India. There were the Chinese fishing nets in Kochi, the French connection in Pondicherry, and the Portuguese and Russian flavours of Goa. The one country that I never expected to see on this list, was Myanmar. And right here in Mumbai.

But first, I had to deal with the Gorai Creek. One of the most polluted parts of Mumbai city, Gorai Creek is where you catch the ferry that takes you to Esselworld, next to which is located the Global Vipassana Pagoda. Ferries arrive every 30 minutes, and cost only 50 rupees for a return trip.

Opened only in 2009 (hence you might miss this if your lonely planet is an earlier edition), the Global Pagoda is a free-to-enter site and is independent of the Esselworld amusement park which lies right next to it. Modelled after Myanmar’s Shwedagon Pagoda, this massive structure can hold unto 8000 meditators, and holds the record for the world’s largest unsupported dome.

I have clicked Shwedagon before and blogged about it. To avoid the deja vu, I choose to go for HDR this time.

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