Project 365: Day 95 – Risky business 1

4th October 2014 – Murud, India

An island fort, I saw today. Stuff of fairy tales, I tell you.
Like a dew drop in the ocean, but with dews turned to thorns.
And on the way back, I met eyes as black as a coal wind.
No fort is strong enough to withstand a foe with horns.
Dont scare me with love, baby. Lets go walking in the rain. - Murud, India

Dont scare me with love, baby. Lets go walking in the rain. – Murud, India

I shook off the laziness, packed my gear, and rode to Mumbai today. But I had to see one small thing in the morning, first.

Janjira is a unique fort-island near Murud, in Maharastra. When I say fort-island, I mean exactly that. There is a fort, encompassing the whole of the island. Built by the Siddhis, this fort has the unique distinction of being one of those very few sections of India which could never be colonialized by an European power. The French, British and the Portuguese tried, but they were always defeated from this great fort.

To get to the fort, you have to take a boat from the Rajapur port. The only glitch is that, the boats wait until they are full. You can always rent a whole boat to yourself, but I wasn’t feeling particularly rich today. I waited for a while, and when the boat showed no signs of starting, I left with pictures of the fort from afar.

But on the way from Murud to Mumbai, I ran into these angry people on the side of the roads. I had stopped my bike and started taking pictures of them. They gave me the coldest, darkest stare that I have ever received from any gender or race, and kept thrashing their heads in the water.

Naturally, I didn’t dare to get closer than 3 metres from them.

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