Project 365: Day 94 – Laziness strikes. Just a little bit.

3rd October 2014 – Mahad, India

A bird last night, told me a little secret.
I was tired, and I could use some me-time, and a clear head.
I shouldn’t have listened to his pillow-talk, but i was seduced.
The kingfisher, the king of good times, schemingly put me to bed.
The dredgers at work. - Murud, India

The dredgers at work. – Murud, India

After that long, tiring ride last night, I made a little mistake. I decided to down a few beers while I posted all my pending blog posts.

The posting was a good idea. But the beers, was a terrible one. All the fatigue of the previous day came down hard on me, and I succumbed to sleeping through the day. I should have been riding to Murud, and then Mumbai, but instead I was snoozing away the alarm and dreaming of a beautiful girl riding an Enfield bullet.

Kingfisher is not the worst that you can drink in India. It is old monk. Click here to read about my harrowing old monk experience in Darjeeling!

I woke up only around 2 in the afternoon. Sometimes, I love this project simply because it forces me to get up and move my ass on some lazy days. And today was one of those days. I hadn’t clicked anything, I gaped in horror. And so, I left the comfort of my hotel room for a while, to see the area around Mahad. I rode towards the Murud side, or specifically the Rajapuri creek, a beautiful water stream that cuts into western Maharashtra, and surrounded by verdant sights. I could have rode a little further and seen the Janjira fort too, but I decided to keep that for the next day. Instead, I clicked around at the dredgers working their way through the black soil under the creek, watching them from the long and beautiful Khajaniwadi bridge.

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