Project 365: Day 93 – A long and lonely ride

2nd October 2014 – Mahad, India

Riding is a nasty little monologue. All art, but devoid of words.

You don’t really care what the other characters say or do.
You are the only one that matters in this theatre, and its grand scope.
And sometimes, the sun and the wind are all you have to talk to.
sindhudurg india

Sometimes, my shadow is my best friend. – Sindhudurg, India

I left Tarkarli in the morning, to take the longest ride towards Mumbai. Mumbai was still 560 KM from Tarkarli, and I knew I wouldn’t make it there before twilight. So, my plan was to head to a little known fort called Janjira, in the township of Murud in Maharashtra, and about 150 KM before Mumbai. That was to be my pitstop for the day.

And I rode. Longer than I ever have. First through the beautiful green fields of Sindhudurg, where I took the picture of the day. Then through the twisting, turning NH 66, soaking in the Western Ghats everywhere around me. Big forests, and eerily whistling sounds buzzed past. I made a stop every 40 KM to relax my butt and spine. Smoked a pack of cigarettes. And made it to 450 KM.

But I was still another 80 clicks away from Murud. I owe that to a couple of minor wrong turns I took on the way. And somehow, magically, just when I was thinking that I would have to ride in the dark and through the forest to Murud, there was a small township called Mahad that just appeared from nowhere. And this must be a popular tourist stop for the Maharashtrians, because there were many tourist homes and hotels all over the place, complete with wifi and internet.

Murud and Mumbai will have to be the next day. I stop here today for now.

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