Project 365: Day 92 – Story of the nail 1

1st October 2014 – Tarkarli, India

Goa had pleased me much. My fatigue had vanished,

I had a spring in my step, and I found my lost spine.
But when I had to finally leave this paradise on earth,
like the proverbial nail on the coffin, I finally met mine.
Tarkarli beach in Maharashtra

Loneliness is the theme of the last few days. – Tarkarli, India

I’ve had too many of days of beach and getting high in Goa. It was time to move on. If not, I face the imminent danger of becoming a Goan junkie and settling down in Arambol!

So, I decided to cross into the state of Maharastra, which was just 8-10 KM from Arambol beach. The plan was to head to an unknown beach called Tarkarli in Southern Maharashtra. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in India, this place lacks the hippie fervour that is associated with Goa, but is exclusive enough to claim some inner peace.

I also said goodbye to my travelling companion for the last few days. Tanya was heading the same directions as me, into Mumbai, Jaipur and Kathmandu. But while I had time, she had only 3 weeks of vacation. So, I convinced her to take the flights instead, so that she doesn’t waste crucial time on the road.

Which was a right decision in today’s context. I entered Maharashtra, rode through the beautiful Sindhudurg plains, which resembles New Zealand and Ubud in Bali. I had to look at the lack of roads, to tell myself that I was still in India. And sure enough, after a while I felt a hiss of air on my legs. The first time in this trip, my tyre was punctured!

This wasn’t so bad as the time my fuse failed between Bhutan and Kolkata. Read about it here!

So went another 2 hours in a mechanic shed, as they needed to bring someone who knew to remove the big 2S tyres that are fitted on an Enfield. And when they finally removed my tyre, to patch it, I saw the culprit. There was a nail, a neatly bent one, lodged into my tyre.

In some parts of the country, this is expected. Roadside mechanics, they tend to leave nails on forlorn roads. It is not for any excessive malignant intent. It is only so that they get the little job of fixing your tyre. And as a way to earn the paltry 100 bucks (1.5 USD) that you pay at the end of a 2-hour, sweaty job.

At first, I was angry beyond words. Then, I realised that this was also a part of the country, which I had to experience at some point.

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    Abhi How do you manage visas , accomodation, flight tickets and your funds for your travel.. do you get salary .. how do you make earning . please you can share with me..