Project 365: Day 89 – Paradise without people

28th September 2014 – Goa, India

Amidst the affluent aromas of Vindaloo and Xacuti,

And the GA-registered license plates flying helper-skelter,
Paradise may be here, I slowly realise. But then I also realise,
Nobody else seems to want paradise until November.
frisbee on baga beach

Nothing compliments a beach image, like a frisbee. – Baga beach, in goa, India

After the leech problem was resolved and a hearty breakfast was gorged, I started riding again in the morning. Morjim was just 90 KM away, and I wound down my way through the Goan jungles.

Looking for beautiful beaches in India? Check out Tarkarli!

People often associate Goa with only the beaches, but if you are a nature-lover, there is a lot of stuff that you can do in the Goan jungles. I ran into at least 3 different camping spots on the way to Morjim, all offering a range of activities from sleeping in the jungle to zip lining and trekking. Not my cup of tea. I kept riding on to the beach.

Finally, I was in Morjim. The beach looked gorgeous, but where were all the people? Everything looked deserted. The countless beach shacks, some of them with even Russian name-boards, were actually locked down. And I figured out a little secret about Goan tourism.

Northern Goa, where Morjim is situated along with other beaches like Asvem and Madrem, is not so much of an Indian tourist destination. It is preferred more by the foreigners. Unfortunately, the Goan tourist season begins only in November, and the number of foreigners was far too few to have much business in these parts in the off-season. And the Indian tourists who did visit Goa, went instead to the more commercial beaches like Anjuna, Baga and Calangute.

I generally prefer isolated beaches. But I needed to see some people and socialise, after spending a night in the jungle. So, the bike turned back to Baga, where I settled for the night.

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