Project 365: Day 113 – Well, this photo had to happen!

22nd October 2014 – Agra, India

Like a lover lost in the throngs of the dusty and barren Delhi,
I rode, through the wind, and without the aid of an express flight.
With a few hours of sunlight left in the day, I finally saw her.
The Taj said hi. And I said hey. It was indeed, love at first sight
That stupid fountain in the middle - Taj mahal, in Agra, India

That stupid fountain in the middle – Taj mahal, in Agra, India

I left Paharganj today morning for Agra, but a series of lazy events (watching TV, then having 2 breakfasts, and then packing my backpack in ultra slow motion), meant that morning was 11 AM. And the road did not take kindly to me. There is an expressway between Delhi and Agra, but motorbikes cannot ply that route. So, I had to take the longer and dustier National Highway 2, fighting it out with belligerent truck drivers.

And I finally made it to Agra by evening 5 pm. I was to stay in an area called Taj Ganj, which had a lot of restaurants that offered amazing rooftop views of the Taj Mahal. But the problem was parking my motorbike. For the umpteenth time this trip, I bit the bullet, and stayed at a slightly more expensive hotel, simply because they provided parking facilities.

There was still an hour of sunlight, so I quickly stepped out to see the Taj Mahal. I mean, I could go back the next day again, because it was only 20 Rupees for an Indian compared to an astronomical 750 Rupees for a foreigner. Hell, I could go back there everyday of the week.

Fancy another view of the Taj? Click here!

With the sunlight almost gone, I clicked a few pictures. Will have to come back tomorrow, to see the whole Taj Mahal complex. More details then.

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