Project 365: Day 106 – From Pushkar to a pink city 2

15th October 2014 – Jaipur, India

I repaired my bike by myself today, and I passed a litmus test.
Had to win a battle against kindergarden kids, whether by hook or crook.
After a few days in rusty old Pushkar, the ride continues.
I am in the pink of my health. And my new city bears the same look.
Central museum in Jaipur, India

Its fair to say that the central museum is very crowded. – Jaipur, India

I had not had a chance to make any repair on my motorbike yet. Well, until today.

So, I made one big mistake last night. Given that parking is a huge problem in Pushkar near the Ghats, I parked my bike in front of a kindergarden school. What damage can those kids do, right? Wrong! After I had my breakfast, packed my bags, and tied them on the bike, I started the bike and revved the engine for a while. Then, I was going to start riding, when my foot felt for the foot-rest near the brake. There was none! The footrest lay detached from the bike, in a neat little portrait on the ground!

This was nothing compared to the time my whole bike died on me in Kolkata. Click here to read about it!

So, apparently the kids had tried to climb on the bike in the morning, I was told. Given the size of the bike, they could only climb onto the foot-rest, and then they started jumping on it. A few minutes of this weird game, and the foot-rest broke from the frame. I checked with the available repair shops in the area, and they said nothing could be done. The whole foot-rest was broken, and I needed to get a new one. The problem was, this spare part was not available in Pushkar or Ajmer. I had to ride all the way to Jaipur to get it. But how do I ride safely to Jaipur without being able to rest my foot for the brake?!

And, in a brilliant stroke, I found the solution. I simply had to remove one of the footrest for the pillion, and fix it to the front near the brake. I could do that! I just needed the toolbox, which I had never had a chance to use before. But 15-20 minutes of sweating and wrenching, and I had a new footrest. Problem solved. And I rode to Jaipur!

Jaipur is not as pink as everyone believes. Although it is called the pink city, there is only a small portion of it – the old city – that is decked in pink shades. And even then, it is not completely pink. Most of it is light brown. I barely got a chance to ride around the central museum, where I clicked today’s pic, and then decided to call it a day.

I need some repair today.

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