Project 365: Day 102 – Of lakes and palaces

11th October 2014 – Udaipur, India

What if the roles were changed? What if the common man
laid claims to temples, and lived in palaces grand?
Utopia is a land of fables, far away from reality. They remind me.
Or maybe, it is just another name for Udaipur, this grandiose land.
udaipur city palace

Inside the palace, everyone looks like a king. – City palace in Udaipur, India

I shook the depression away of being alone in this romantic destination. I had to. There was so much to see here, and I had no intent to get beer-goggles and go all sultry over myself.

So, I stepped out as early as sunrise to see it from the Pichola lake. The sunrise wasn’t so grand since I stood on the wrong side, but the view was. Right in the middle of the lake, was the famous lake palace hotel, which was made famous in Roger Moore’s ‘Octopussy’, and everywhere around the lake were palaces, hotels and restaurants built in royal Rajastan style.

After breakfast, I went out to see what would take my breath away for the next 3-4 hours. The city palace of Udaipur is huge and mesmerising – even if I had to pay 115 RS for entry, and 225 RS for taking a camera inside. That has been the most expensive tourist destination on my India leg so far, but it was totally worth it.

Mind you, the Udaipur city palace is not just a palace, and is a whole complex comprising of multiple building and courtyards, and is now converted into a museum. There are tour guides and audio guides available, but I noticed that these guys tend to push for time. So, I walked on my own pace, learning about the history from the portraits, paintings and murals throughout the palace.

The beer goggles are gone. I feel rejuvenated after seeing the palace, and all set for the next location. After all, even I feel like a king now.

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