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Update: This post was originally written in 2014 as ’10 countries with Evisa for Indians’ (because they were so few before). But the number has increased since then, so I decided to make it a post about all the countries which offer Evisa facilities for Indians.

This post is about countries where Indians can get an E visa (Electronic visa or e-visa). For a list of countries where Indian passport-holders do not have to prepare any advance visas, click here.

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Until this gets more travel worthy, I have to learn ways to circumvent my visa hassles.

As an Indian, one of the biggest challenges for me while travelling, is of course the Visa requirements. India currently ranks 86th in the world for travel freedom, and many decades of missing out on opportunities of full reciprocity and diplomatic relationships, mean that there are only 49 countries or territories where we have visa-free or visa-on-arrival facilities.

To be fair, this is not surprising. Until recently, India had one of the toughest visa policies themselves, so why would the other countries make it easy for us? While this scenario is slowly changing with India revisiting its visa policy from June 2015, and with EU countries fast-tracking Indian Visa applications, the blunt truth is that Indians still need to apply in advance for many countries around the world.

This restriction has seen me often scouting for Visa havens instead of more established tourist spots, simply foer the fear of standing in dreaded queues and gathering cobwebs. Like Jeju over Seoul, Jordan over Israel, and Vanuatu over French Caledonia. There are plenty of articles online about which countries are visa-free and VOA for Indians, so I am not going to write about that now.

But one of the things that I figured out recently, is that there are a few countries where while we definitely do need an advanced visa, this visa can be obtained online. This helps tremendously, as the entire visa application process can be done from the safety and confines of your home!

So, here are a list of all the countries where Indians have facilities for either E-visa or online visa approvals. And would you believe there are more than 25 of them?!

Note: For some of these countries, there are some conditions or prerequisites involved, which I have mentioned. I don’t want you to blame me if you get sent back from the airport! And some of them also have my personal experiences.

1) Antigua and Barbuda

antigua and barbuda evisa

Antigua and Barbuda. Photo courtesy:

While most of the countries in the Caribbean region provides visa on arrival to Indians (think Jamaica, Grenada, Trinidad and tobago etc), Antigua and Barbados is an exception to that golden rule. This idyllic island nation is comprised of 2 different islands (Antigua and Barbuda, duh!) and both are equally beautiful with an abundance of white, sandy beaches.

But to make it easy, you can apply for the visa online. Here is the link for the evisa portal of Antigua and Barbuda.

2) Armenia

Armenia evisa for indians

The monasteries of Armenia. Photo courtesy: National Geographic.

With the best of both Asia and Europe, Armenia is a delightful country to visit with a very rich and interesting cultural history. The only problem is that Armenia requires a visa for Indians. But this visa can be attained online.

While the official embassy website of Armenia states that Indians can get a visa-on-arrival if arriving by the land border, this is quite tricky. I have talked to a few other travellers who have tried this, and had mixed results. So, better to be safe and apply for the visa on the evisa portal of Armenia.

3) Azerbaijan

heydar aliev cultural center

The Heydar Aliev Cultural center in Baku. Photo Courtesy:

Not to be outdone by it’s neighbour Armenia (with whom it has quite rosy relations! Detect the sarcasm!), Azerbaijan has also rolled out an Evisa for Indians. With a visa validity of 90 days, and a visa fee of only 23 USD, this was one of the best value-for-money Evisas that I came across in my research. You can apply for the Azerbaijan Evisa here.


Note: Even if you get an Azerbaijani Visa, you may fall in trouble if you have entered Armenia or the region of Nagorno-Karabakh in the past. Do take note.

Further Reading: Read my experience about obtaining an Electronic Visa for Azerbaijan.


4) Bahrain

Aali pottery town bahrain

Thats me at A’ali, the pottery town of Bahrain

Introduced very recently, Bahrain now has Evisa facilities for Indians, making it the first GCC country to do so. While it lacks the spic and posh of its wealthier gulf brothers, Bahrain is not far behind in terms of a safe Arab experience with many modern aspects. Like legalisation of alcohol and homosexuality. And there are a good sprinkling of forts and museums around the country to keep one occupied for a 3-4 day trip. The evisa for Bahrain can be applied through this link.

Suggested Reading: I tried this myself, the same month that it was launched, and found a little glitch the first time. They have some conditions for rejections too. I did get it the second time I tried, though. In Bahrain, I highly recommend Exploring Manama and Visiting the Royal Camel farm.

5) Djibouti

Djibouti photo

Djibouti. Photo courtesy: Kempinsky hotel

A hidden wonder of Africa, Djibouti has been slowly turning up on the list of the adventurous traveller. Despite the intense heat, many take the plunge to visit here and explore it’s offbeat wonder. Tourism is truly a growing economy in Djibouti.

And the country seems to have recognized it too. Before, every one needed a visa to get to Djibouti. But they have made the process much more simple, by introducing an E-visa system. Click here to apply for an E-visa for Djibouti. (Note: It’s in French!)


6) Georgia

tbilisi georgia

Tbilisi Georgia. Photo courtesy: lonely planet

Aah.. I was so close to visiting Georgia, but the lack of an Evisa portal back then led me to turn back from the Georgian embassy in Turkey. And just a few months after this personal fiasco of mine, Georgia introduced an Evisa portal for Indians. Darn! Well, you have it easy now. Click on this link for the Evisa portal of Georgia.

Note 1: There is a prerequisite that you need either a valid visa or residence permit of EU/GCC/US/selected other countries.

Note 2: There has been some news updates about certain Indians being sent back even after possessing the Georgian Evisa. Please have clear communication with the Georgian embassy before you plan your trip.

Suggested Reading: Click here for that time when I went all the way to the Georgian embassy in Ankara, Turkey for a visa, and was denied. Raki came to the rescue.


Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau. Photo courtesy:

One of the poorest countries in the world, Guinea-Bissau is still home to the Bijagos islands – a beautiful tropical archipelago with some unexplored islands. And if you are quite the adventurous type, you can plan your trip and get an evisa from Guinea-Bissau’s online portal.


qasemi bathhouse iran

The historic Qasemi bathhouse in Kashan, IRan. Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

So, Iran has had oscillating responses to the Indian passport in recent times. Until 2014, Indians had visa-on-arrival in Iran, but due to some diplomatic issues, this was revoked. And now, in 2018, Iran has brought the Visa-on-arrival back for Indians.

However, this is not a straightforward VOA process. To obtain a VOA, Indian citizens should have already made an online application on Iran’s E-visa website, atleast 2 days before arrival. This online submission notification has to be presented at the airport to avail the Visa on arrival.

The online application can be made here, on the Iran Evisa website. And what happens if you didn’t get a chance to make one? According to Nomadosauraus, you should still be able to get the VOA, but it will take much longer. Why take a chance, eh?

9)Ivory Coast

Largest church in the world

The largest church in the world. Photo courtesy: Daily Beast

Where did you think was the largest church in the world? Somewhere in Europe or North America, right? Wrong! That would be the Basilica of lady of our peace, in the little nation of Ivory coast. If you feel like lifting the really low visitor count, Ivory coast has made it easy by setting an Evisa Portal for Indians.

Note: Upon entering the Evisa site, it does look like it is some kind of commercial site. But note that the Evisa process of Ivory Coast is run by a company called SNEDAI, which is the national company of Ivory Coast. So, it is completely legit.


Kyrgyzstan osh

The markets of Osh in Kyrgyzstan. Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

One of the latest entrance to the Evisa factory, Kyrgyzstan opens up a range of opportunities for Indians to start exploring the Central Asian region. And for all those who are tired of the long royal enfield motorbike rides in India (read, me!) this opens up the Pamir Highway to us. And if that is interesting for you, go ahead and apply for the Kyrgyzstan Evisa here.

Suggested Reading: Check this list of 10 unnoticed direct flights from India, which includes several places in Central Asia. And what is more surprising, is that many of them are from Amritsar!


lesotho countryside

Lesotho, the kingdom in the sky. Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Neither Nepal nor Bhutan. Lesotho is the only country in the world that is entirely above 1000m! And hence, it has derived the nickname ‘Kingdom in the Sky’. If you are planning a trip to South Africa, it would also make sense to include this tiny nation – which is entirely surrounded by South Africa – into the trip itinerary. And to make it easier for you, here is the Evisa portal of Lesotho.


Lord murugan statue batu caves malaysia

The lord murugan statue at the base of the Batu caves in Malaysia.

With a huge Indian population, it is understandable why Malaysia delayed the process of making tourist visas easier for Indians. But in 2017, they started it too. Apart from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, this opens up access to places like Cameron highlands, Penang, and the various islands and beaches around Malaysia. Click here to apply for a visa on Malaysia’s Evisa Portal.

Note: There is also an eNTRI system (on the same website)  but it is for shorter durations, and is only until March 2018. So stick to the Evisa. 

Suggested Reading: If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur, one of my favorite activities there is visiting the Batu Caves

13) Myanmar


Shwedagon pagoda yangon

Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon.

This would have saved me a few dollars on the agent fees if it was launched a few years earlier, but Myanmar has also introduced the Evisa scheme for Indians. Surprising given that we are neighbours, but this is one of the few diplomatic improvements that India has been making with Myanmar. You can apply for the Myanmar Evisa here.

Important Note: The Evisa is honoured only if you land at the Yangon international airport. Not valid for landing on any other airport, or for land border crossings.

Suggested Reading: My account of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.

14) Oman

Sur oman

Sur Beach in Oman. Picture courtesy: Wikipedia

So, Oman was one of the easiest countries for Indians to get a visa in the past. But it was also one of the most expensive, because Indians could only get Sponsored visas. And they cost a bomb after you paid the sponsor, the middleman etc. But that is a thing of the past now. You can easily access the UNESCO forts of Oman, or the sea-cliffs of Musandam by visiting Oman’s Evisa website.

Suggested Reading: Read my experience with getting an Electronic Visa for Oman. Hint: It was quite easy. 

15) Russia (Vladivostok only)

Russky bridge in Vladivostok

The Russky bridge in Vladivostok

Well, this was mightily misunderstood when launched, but the Russian Evisa only applies to the free port of Vladivostok. If you get an e-visa in this manner, note that you are only allowed to travel within the region of Vladivostok. For any other part of Russia, you still need a regular visa. You can apply for the Vladivostok E-visa through this link.

16) Singapore

Thaipusam festival in Singapore

Thaipusam festival in Singapore. source: Iamnothome

One question I get asked often is, does Singapore have an online visa for Indians? Well, it does. But then, you can’t apply using it! In one of the most unusual visa arrangements, a Singapore visa for an Indian can be applied only by somebody living IN Singapore. (or a few authorised visa agents). It does not even have to be a Singapore national. It can simply be anybody who is on an employment permit in Singapore and has a local SingPass ID, which is all he or she requires to login to the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints authority) website and make a visa submission for you. So, once you find a local person in Singapore to do this for you, send all your passport details to him/her and they can apply on this link for you.

Suggested Reading: Singapore was the starting point of my project 365. Check out the whole project, where I travelled and blogged for an entire year!

17) Sri Lanka

Colombo trains

Colombo trains.

So, another neighbouring nation where we need an advance visa is Sri Lanka, which is now picking up the tourist ante with amazing beaches like Arugam Bay and Galle (And Unawatuna, which was my choice for spending the 2015 new year eve!). But in the case of Sri Lanka, we need to get an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to visit the country. This is one of the quickest visas that I have ever received in my life. I applied, paid the money, and in 5 minutes my authorisation was in my inbox. You can apply for the Sri Lanka ETA here.

Suggested Reading: Check out my encounter with the amazing stilt fishermen of Sri Lanka.

18) Sao Tome and Principe

Sao tome and principe beaches

The beaches of Sao Tome and Principe. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Ok, many Indians may not even have heard about this country, but this West African Island nation has probably the best dive-spots in all of Africa. TAP flies weekly from Lisbon to Sao Tome, and there are also few flights from Angola and Nigeria. If you are looking for something off the beaten track, Sao Tome fits the bill perfectly. And you can apply for an evisa here.

19) Taiwan

Hualien in Taiwan

Hualien in Taiwan. Source: Iamnothome

Ok, finally to a rather unusual one. So unusual, that the immigration officer in Taiwan had to check with his senior before he let me through. Apparently, Taiwan has an online visa approval process for South East Asian nationals like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. And somehow, India was added to this same list, and it beats me how we were classified as South East Asia. And technically, this is not a Visa, but is only a visa approval. Anyway, I wouldn’t complain about this since Taipei and Hualien are amazing places to visit. But, if you intent to visit Taiwan and you meet the conditions, you can apply for the online approval here.

Important note: There had to be a catch! Well, the catch is that the applicant should have a valid visa or residency permit for US, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia or New Zealand. The official website does not mention Singapore, but the Taiwanese embassy informed me in an email communication, that Singapore visa would work too. Well, it certainly did for me.

Suggested Reading: Walk through Hualien’s Taroko Gorge, one of the nature’s wonders in Taiwan.

20) Tajikistan


The markets of Tajikistan. Picture credit: Wikipedia

Not to be outdone by its neighbour Kyrgyzstan, the friendly nation of Tajikistan has also opened up Evisa access for Indians. (Do you see the Pamir Highway dream taking shape?). Home to breaktaking mountains and colourful markets, you can visit here by applying for the Tajikistan Evisa on this website.

21) Turkey

Luna park in Ankara Turkey

Luna park in Ankara Turkey. Source: Iamnothome

Turkey has been noticing the Indian tourist influx into Europe, and they have amended their visa policy since last year. There is an electronic visa available now for Indians, and at 20USD, it is probably one of the cheapest too. You can apply for the Turkish Evisa here.

Important note: An important condition here is that you must have an existing Shengen or US visa to apply for the Turkish visa. A slight bummer, but makes perfect sense if you mix Turkey with an European trip.

Suggested Reading: What if I told you that Istanbul’s blue mosque, is actually red inside?

22) Uzbekistan

Shakh-i-zindeh mosque samarkand

The Shakh-i-zindeh mosque in Samarkand. Source: Wikicommons

So, the details of Uzbekistan’s Evisa facility for Indians have been slowly pouring in, starting with the announcement that they will start from July 2018. There has not been much information after that, but Uzbekistan has quietly launched a Evisa platform, and India is included in the list of countries. Note that I have not tried this yet, and as of August 2018, the site still has a BETA TEST stamp clearly positioned on the left. So, if you are unsure, write to the Uzbek embassy to confirm this.

23) Vietnam

war remnants museum vietnam

At the war remnants museum in HCMC, Vietnam

Suggested Reading: Check out my visit to the War Remnants museum in Ho Chi Minh City.

So technically, this is not an evisa. It is an online approval only.  There are many online agencies which handle this online approval process for a fee – I personally used Vietnam-visaonline, satisfactorily – and then you have to pay the stamp fee at the airport when you arrive. The fee is pretty steep when you compare to the rest of South East Asia, but if you consider visiting the beautiful cities of Hanoi or Danang, then the long queue at the stamping section of the airport is well worth it.

Important note: When I say long queue, to put things in perspective, I waited for 3 hours to get my visa stamped. And there are insufficient seating options in Ho Chi Minh city international airport.

Important Update: In 2017, Vietnam officially launched an Evisa site, which does not involve any agencies. I havent tried it out yet, but looks like it works.

24) Zambia

victoria falls zambia

The Victoria falls in Zambia. Photo courtesy: Amazingplacesonearth

If you are wondering why visit Zambia, I’ll let you know that this is a country roughly the same size as France! And most of this is amazing forests, home to some of the best safaris in the world. Not to mention the majestic Victoria falls. If you feel inclined to visit Zambia, apply your visa on the Zambian Evisa portal here.

25) Zimbabwe

People of Zimbabwe

People of Zimbabwe. Source: DESMOND KWANDE/AFP/Getty Images

Whether you are planning to visit the Victoria falls, or the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Zimbabwe is a decent option to have if you are considering a travel to the southern part of Africa. Just 25 years ago, this was the richest country in Africa, but an economic collapse has led to grand resorts and accommodations being made available at dirt cheap rates. Best if you combine with South Africa. An evisa for Zimbabwe can be applied here.

BONUS: Countries with both Evisa and VOA options

There are a few other countries which also offer Evisa for Indians, but I have not added them to the list above because of a simple reason: Indians already have Visa-on-arrival in these places!

1) Cambodia has an Evisa portal. I have not mentioned it in the list because Cambodia is already visa-on-arrival for Indians. In fact the Evisa (USD 36) is more expensive than the Visa-on-arrival (USD 30)

2) Ethiopia has also launched an Evisa portal for Indians. Again, I have not mentioned it because Ethiopia is already visa-on-arrival for Indians.

3) Similarly, Gabon has an Evisa application process for Indians too, but again this is not required since we already have visa-on-arrival options in Gabon.

4) There is an online visa application process in Kenya’s Department of Immigration website, but this is not required since Indians already have a Visa-on-arrival facility for Kenya.

5) Rwanda used to be in the list above, as it has an Evisa portal for Indians. But I had to remove it, after they also started offering Visa on Arrival to Indians starting from 2018.

6) Neighbouring Uganda also launched a brand-new evisa portal, which is expected to stop the visa-on-arrival process. But that still hasn’t happened, so Indians can still avail the VOA.

6) Qatar has recently launched a Qatar Airways Evisa portal, but this is again not required since Visa on Arrival for Indians is now available in Qatar’s Doha International Airport.

Suggested Read: If you are stuck in transit in Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, here are some amazing free things that you can do at HIA during transit.



All information is researched by the blog admin for his personal trips and is updated to the best of his time/capacity. Yet, don’t be an idiot. Use your common sense and also double-check with dear google. To report any discrepancy, post a comment or contact me here.

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