Images from the land of Paella: Valencia, Spain

A three and a half hour train ride from Barcelona, brought me to Valencia. A city fabled with tales and aroma of the Paella, the third-largest city in Spain held a lot of promise for a 2 day visit.

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The first sight of Valencia, if you are visiting by train, itself can open your eyes too wide. The main train station, Estacion del is not only the connection hub for trains from Barcelona and Madrid, but is also a national heritage site. The Spanish cultural departments maintains a registry called the Bien De Interes Cultural (good of cultural interest), and the Estacion seems to be the only railway station in that list.

Estacio del norte valencia spain

Estacion del Norte, is the main train station of Valencia, and has trains connecting to both Barcelona and Madrid, using lines like ARCO and Euromed.

I stayed at a hostel called the Purple Nest, which was surprisingly bang in the middle of the city, yet very affordable. From here, I just went on walks each day.

Mind you, Valencia is a city meant for walking. Unlike some of the other cities I have been to, you are in trouble if you are driving a car around here. Most of the streets are very small, and open only to pedestrians. Ah, the joy of taking a walk through the Barri Del Carme neighbourhood, enjoying the sights and sounds!

turia riverbed valencia spain

The Turia riverbed is an interesting place to take a walk, or a job. Admire the statues and the different ponts that line up this place.

The valencia cathedral is an interesting bit of architecture, almost at the centre of the city map. I have heard of this cathedral previously, from many of the holy grail legends. (blame Dan Brown). You see, many believe that the true holy grail, is actually in one of the chapels of this cathedral. Around the cathedral, the fountains and the bell-towers are worth a visit too.

valencia cathedral spain

The Valencia cathedral gets a lot of hype, because of the supposed holy chalice maintained there. But the fountain in the square outside, is no less intriguing.

the miguelete bell tower in Valencia

The miguelete bell tower forms an important part of the cathedral.

After the city centre is done, another key place of interest which I would suggest to visit in Valencia, is the City of Arts and Science. A very amusing piece of architecture by Santiago Calatrava, it contains everything from an IMAX and aquarium, to an arts and science museum. You can take the Valencia city metro, and alight at Alameda station, to visit this masterpiece.

Valencia city centre spain

Walking by the city centre itself is a relatively nice little experience, watching colonial buildings go by you. Like the town hall for instance.

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