Project 365: Day 85 – Couchsurfing in Bangalore 2

24th September 2014 – Bengaluru, India

There is a place where all the different breeds of humanity merge. 
There are the romantics, the tycoons, people from all walks.
As the night grows deeper in you, a realisation slowly sinks in.
The liquor is not cheap, but neither are the talks.
The talks go long here - Bengaluru, India

The talks go long here – Bengaluru, India

India went through an anti-anglicization drive in the 1990’s, when the former British names of major cities were dropped and regional names were adopted again. So Bombay became Mumbai, Madras became Chennai, and even Pondicherry became Puducherry. I believe that I have adopted to most of these, like most Indians, and the new names have stuck to some extent. Until I realize that Bangalore is no longer Bangalore.

Bengaluru is a name that I recall only when I see travel brochures, since the name Bangalore has stuck with me for the longest time. Even the people there still call it Bangalore, and the new name has had very minimal impact. Whatever the name, in this IT hub of India where startups are created everyday, I was to spend a day. Albeit marred by unexpected rains for a bit, couchsurfing helped me to get through it.

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I have always been a strong proponent of the couch surfing idea, and one of the best thing about it is the weekly CS meet ups at most locations. I have caught the CS meet ups in places ranging from Madrid to Bali, but the Bangalore meet up would be my first in India. Krishna, my CS host, took me to the weekly meetup, and it turned out to be an amazing crowd! The talks were very interesting, and I almost ended up starting a new business venture with someone I met just 10 minutes ago!

This is India. A business idea has to spring up in almost any conversation.

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