Project 365: Day 71 – Stuck in a round square

10th September 2014 – Kozhikode, India

Some people just need a reason to stop life.
Maybe a special day, maybe a dark way, whatever is fair.
In India, when someone calls a hartal, everything stops.
And I find myself moving around in circles. Or wait, is this a square?
mananchira square in kozhikode kerala

Here, I am on my hands too. – Kozhikode, India

It can be a little frustrating at times to travel through India, because things never go exactly as planned. I should have planned my whole bike trip a week ago, but the stranding episode in Kashmir prevented that. And then, I should have started riding to Kochi, 2 days ago, but the bike needed servicing and it could not be done in one day.

All said and done, I was to pick up my motorbike from the service centre today. I called in around noon, if I could pick it up. Nobody answered. I tried a different number. Nobody answered. I finally called the cell phone of one of the employees there, only to be told that the shop was closed today on account of a hartal.

This bike would go on to take me till Bhutan! Click here to read about it!

A hartal is a political equipment that is unique to India. A leftover from the British colonisation days, when the strike action was used effectively to deter the colonialists from running their business, it has now become a totally useless political tool. Almost all parties in India wait for some reasons to put up a hartal. And when it happens, everything in the locality stops, and there is a total shutdown of offices and shops. Today’s reason for the shutdown near the service centre, was that some political activist stabbed another one. The one who got stabbed, got a hartal in his name.

I’m tired of this nonsense by now, so just decided to head to the Mananchira square again, where I stared at the statue in the middle and calmed myself. We both had some thing in common. We were unable to move at the moment.

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