Project 365: Day 70 – The blades are out today 4

9th September 2014 – Kozhikode, India

They carried blades of rusty steel, that clanked to life.
They sang songs of the heroes, who bloodied this soil.
Through these people who have not given up on the past,
The old ways still survive, through blood and toil.
kalaripayattu martial art kerala india

Its not what it looks like. – Kozhikode, India

I should have started my long ride to Nepal today, but I had to postpone it to one more day. Decided to do a last bike service, before i start the ride. You know, just in case, I have to iron out any pending issues. (Read: I am nervous!)

Read here for how I finished my bike trip to Nepal, after nearly 2 months!

So, I gave the bike to the Enfield service centre in Kozhikode, but they assured me that it will not be ready by today. I can collect the bike back only the next day. With nothing left to do, I took an autorikshaw and went to the Mananchira square.

Now, kozhikode has a large square, park and lake exactly in the middle of the city, all of which are called Mananchira. This place is the hub of any communal activities in this city. And right now, the district tourism department was still holding the 10-day onam festivities. Among which, was the show of Kalaripayattu today, at the Mananchira square.

Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest martial arts in the world, and some in India say, the predecessor to the Chinese martial arts. This was only a demonstration, but they used real blades and steel, and the clanking and clashing of the metal, made my tiredness go elsewhere.

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