Project 365: Day 66 – Honeymooning in the floods

5th September 2014 – Srinagar, India

The floods have hidden my light of the day

And the fever kept my wanderlust at bay.
In a city where the water finally found a new voice,
The macbook is all I have to lust for today.
Where's my boat? - Srinagar, India

Where’s my boat? – Srinagar, India

So, the hotel I checked in last evening, is called the ‘silver star’ hotel. I checked in because i had no choice. This was beyond my travel budget, but hey, the rain-gods and floods had decided to play havoc with my wallet already.

They had no single rooms available, and the only double-room remaining was a honeymoon suite. Well, if the description of a honeymoon suits is one with a large bed, it must be one. But this was the only room that was available, and there was no other hotel which was reachable from here. And like I had predicted yesterday, I had a growing fever in me. So, here I am. In an expensive honeymoon suite. Making love to my macbook in a feverish pace.

Compare this to the time when I slept in a cave with the bedouins of Jordan! Good times!

The affair ended soon. Someone I met in the hotel’s coffee hall, told me that there was a different way to get to Sanwar, where I had to return the bike and collect my passport back. He also offered to sit pillion on my bike, and show me the way.

There are times in life, where your mind is caught in a schism on whether to do the logical thing, or the desperate thing. This was one of those times. Here was a man, alone in the hotel, heavily bearded, in the midst of Kashmir where you hear all about terrorist kidnapping. Offering me to show me the way, and ride along with me. Do I take his offer? The logical side of me said no. But desperation trumped logic today.

It was for the better. Turns out, I was being unnecessarily paranoid. The man promptly directed me to Sanwar, although taking a longer route around 30 KMs (perfectly understandable since the flood had submerged the proper route). I returned the bike, collected the passport, came back to the hotel and immediately booked my flights out of Kashmir.

Moral of the day: Don’t judge a person by his appearance.

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