Project 365: Day 76 – Wake me up when September ends

15th September 2014 – Kochi, India

Dehydration has taken its toll on me, and I stand drained.
No more strength to stand, ride, walk, or for christ’s sake, to even bend.
There are many things they say about India, not everything is true.
I don’t know about fairies or leprechauns, but the delhi belly is no legend.
Even Rajasthan comes to Kerala - Kochi, India

Even Rajasthan comes to Kerala – Kochi, India

I had a simple plan last night. To wake up early morning, and ride to the beautiful tea plantations of Munnar. Nowadays, whenever I make simple plans, I get scared. I have previous experiences of how they fail every time.

I could have gotten up early morning, if it was not for the dozen times that I had wake up during the night to rush to the toilet. And by the morning, I figured out the obvious. I was having some sort of food poisoning. This can’t BE!! I am an Indian, and I should have developed an immunity for this long ago! But looks like I have been out of the country for a while now, and it shows on my health.

So, I did ride in the morning. But not to Munnar. I rode to a Nursing clinic in Fort Kochi, where the doctor gave me tablets for a few different things, an advice (“drink loads of water”), and even a joke (“you will be corked up by tonight!”). The only time I left home today after that, was for lunch in the Fort Kochi area. And since I have to keep this project running, hung around the Rajasthani vendors, selling ethnic wares near Kochi’s M.G Beach.

I eventually went to Rajasthan too! Click here for magical Jaipur!

Taking the picture was easy, but typing this post. Oh, that was a story in itself.

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