Chinese Gardens: Singapore

Having lived in Singapore for 2 years, I have previous blogged about various touristy places here. But one place which I keep forgetting to mention, or which most people generally ignore from the tourism map of Singapore, is the Chinese Gardens.

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Also called the Jurong Gardens, the Chinese gardens was built by the Taiwanese architect Yuen-Chen Yu. Conveniently located at the MRT station, which is also named ‘Chinese gardens’, this interesting bit of Singapore is located on the west end of the green metro line. Since there is nothing else located on this side except residential complexes, this place rarely gets the mileage it deserves.

The first sight upon entering the gardens from the MRT-side, is a 7-storey pagoda. It is well worth your effort to climb this pagoda, to see the whole Chinese gardens. And even the Japanese gardens, which are located within the same compound.

The garden itself is free, but there is a turtle and tortoise museum with an entry-fee of $5 per adult. There are live turtles and tortoises displayed here. Well worth spending about 20 minutes of your time.

In my opinion, the highlight of this trip is the Jurong lake, and the japanese pagodas perched next to it. Especially if you are a twilight-zone photographer, the pagodas cut a beautiful scene against the lake, something you wouldn’t have expected to see in the Singapore cityscape.

Bridge to the chinese gardens

The bridge to the entrance is dotted with lion statues on both sides, and happy people in the middle.

chinese hero statues in the ixora gardens

The legendary chinese hero statues in the Ixora gardens, are quite fascinating actually.

chinese gardens statues

stone boat in chinese gardens

The stone boat structure is a unique Chinese architectural trait, which can be seen here.

pagodas in chinese gardens

Marvel at the inticate artwork on the pagodas. Watch out though, this place has also become quite popular for couples who can’t seem to find a room! 😀

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