Project 365: Day 57 – Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Qatar

27th August 2014 – Doha, Qatar

Through the night, against the eyes peering at them from the corniche
They worked their way through, time slipping through their hands.
If and when the soccer ball rolls here, the world will realise,
There is a forgotten glowworm in the middle of the desert sands.
Into the city - Doha, Qatar

Into the city – Doha, Qatar

So, one of my friends from UAE, Naaby, drove me to the Sharjah airport in the morning, from where I took a quick flight to Doha. In fact, I saved 10 minutes of my life. How? By departing at 8.20 AM, and arriving at 8.10 AM. I wonder why they have different timezones for 2 countries which are only 40 minutes from each other.

In Doha, I met with another friend called Arun, who put me up in the city and gave a lot of ideas on what to do. I heard all of them, decided to take a short nap, and then woke up at night! The fatigue of the middle-east had already set in.

So, with no daylight left, we went to the Corniche area of Doha. The corniche is a long promenade by the sea, with a view of some amazing buildings. I did not bring my tripod, but used a few cigarette packs to stack and build a temporary tripod.

It’s the middle-east. You make do with whatever you got.

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