Images from the street – Masskara festival, Philippines

After living in Manila for nearly 3 years, the Masskara festival in Bacolod was the first time that I got a real taste of street life in the Philippines. You see, I lived in Taguig. And worked in Makati. Both are very well-developed commercial centers in the Philippines. There was not much of street life that I could see there, except for the rare times that I visited Ermita for the times that I took Spanish classes at Instituto Cervantes.

Bacolod was a revelation, as the people gathered in huge numbers at the festival. There were stalls of all kinds, selling everything from masks (which is how the festival gets its name) to food. It was not just a culture shock, it was an entirely orgasmic revelation of new sights, sounds and smells for me.

I took it all in, and decided that the best way to remember it would be to post my pictures of the street at the Masskara festival.

Further Reading: The street life of Ermita, is worth visiting and photographing too.

Bacolod streets

The tricycles also made great chairs during the festival.

bacolod inasal

Try some of the famous Bacolod Inasal Chicken, right in Bacolod.

Bacolod street food

Food stalls lined up the festival streets.

Masskara festival photography

He wasn’t pissed. Just stating his ‘I am cool’ expression.

philippines streets

And they were cool, too!

masskara kids

The kids at Masskara were some of the most photogenic!

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