Project 365: Day 0 – The beginning 13

This was the first post of an entire year-long series, which I named ‘Project 365′. The idea was simple enough: travel for a full year and document every day of it, in the form of a daily picture and poem. I am still working on a book of this year-long travel, but till then, enjoy all the posts here. You can check out the daily posts in the details below or jump to the final day of the project by clicking here.

1st July 2014 – Singapore

From dust we rose and to dust we shall go
And dust is all this nomad sees on his toe.
Like a whisper metamorphosing into a shout
me too, valiantly, searches for a reckless way out.
Eunos MRT Station singapore

The way out – Day 0 in Singapore

Yesterday was my last day at work. Walked in like a boss, signed my relieving letters, and opened a Pandora’s box of uncertainties and doubts. This is going to a looooong year!

So, this is my gap year. While most people take their gap years at 19 or 20, I couldn’t do that back then. I had a family to take care of. Since all that is settled and sorted, and at the ripe young (!!) age of 30, I am setting out for a gap year.

And over the course of this year, this photography project 365 will be an attempt to track and document this year amazing of my life. Combining 2 things I love the most – poetry and photography – I will be posting 1 picture, and a simple verse to go with it, for the next 365 days of my life.

And today is a prelude.

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Days on the project: 365/365

Where have I been on this project: Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, QatarNepal, Bhutan, Sri LankaMaldivesTurkey, Serbia, France, Hungary, SlovakiaAustriaPoland, Belgium,  Czech Republic, Spain, MonacoLithuania, Latvia, EstoniaGreece, AlbaniaMacedoniaKosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and HerzegovinaSloveniaRomaniaBulgaria

Note: Calling Kosovo a country is only to make documentation easier on my blog. I am not endorsing the right of Kosovo as an independent nation, and neither am I against it. I do not take any sides.

Where am I going next: This project finished in India on July 1st, 2015.

The timeline

Follow the timeline of the posts, by clicking on the links below.

Day 1: Blame it on the Alcohol (Singapore, Singapore)
Day 2: Orange in the lion state (Singapore, Singapore)
Day 3: A virgin down under (Sydney, Australia)
Day 4: Morning Glory (Sydney, Australia)
Day 5: Bursting the clouds (Sydney, Australia)
Day 6: Water and light (Sydney, Australia)
Day 7: Three luscious sisters (Blue Mountains, Australia)
Day 8: Beyond Twilight (Blue Mountains, Australia)
Day 9: For the love of Football (Port Vila, Vanuatu)
Day 10: Curiosity doesn’t always kill (Port Vila, Vanuatu)
Day 11: Going with the flow (Efate, Vanuatu) 
Day 12: Children of the Sun (Port Vila, Vanuatu)
Day 13: No White and blue sky today (Port Vila, Vanuatu)
Day 14: The blade and the smile (Efate, Vanuatu)
Day 15: Goodbyes are not a happy affair (Efate, Vanuatu)
Day 16: Osmann would be proud (Lautoka, Fiji)
Day 17: Am I home already? (Nadi, Fiji)
Day 18: Through Sounds and silence (Nadi, Fiji)
Day 19: Sleepy sunday in Sigatoka (Sigatoka, Fiji)
Day 20: Winter is Coming (Wailoaloa, Fiji)
Day 21: From country road to city lights (Auckland, New Zealand)
Day 22: Of Craters and coastlines (Auckland, New Zealand)
Day 23: Is it a plane? (Taupo, New Zealand)
Day 24: Reality is too bland (Taupo, New Zealand)
Day 25: I see gulls. Many of them! (Wellington, New Zealand)
Day 26: No Penguins. No Kiwis. Cant complain. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Day 27: In coffee, we trust (Picton, New Zealand)
Day 28: The search for the golden hour (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Day 29: Check mate, nature! (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Day 30: Going full circle (Melbourne, Australia)
Day 31: The others (Singapore)
Day 32: The artist (Singapore)
Day 33: The bridge doesn’t divide (Singapore)
Day 34: Leaving on a jet plane (Singapore)
Day 35: Vanakkam Chennai (Chennai, India)
Day 36: Joyrides, Indian Style (Chennai, India)
Day 37: The Great Indian Railways (Kozhikkode, India)
Day 38: A poetic river called Mahe (Mahe, India)
Day 39: A rainy day’s tale (Mahe, India)
Day 40: Biryani and a beach (Kozhikode, India)
Day 41: The north is not far behind (Vadakara, India)
Day 42: Through the looking glass (Tellichery, India)
Day 43: A village around a pond (Vadakara, India)
Day 44: Taming the beast (Vadakara, India)
Day 45: Independence day again (Mahe, India)
Day 46: Looking through train doors (Goa, India)
Day 47: San Pedro and the kittens (Mumbai, India
Day 48: How to build a pyramid (Mumbai, India)
Day 49: India’s largest museum (Mumbai, India)
Day 50: Warming filter. Not needed (Dubai, UAE)
Day 51: City of gold (Dubai, UAE)
Day 52: The tall tales (Dubai, UAE)
Day 53: From one Emirate to Another (Ras Al Khaimah, UAE)
Day 54: The Dance of the fireflies (Dubai, UAE)
Day 55: The first of many blunders (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Day 56: In the city of festivals (Dubai, UAE)
Day 57: Ahlan wa Sahlan, Qatar (Doha, Qatar)
Day 58: He is an extreme collector (Doha, Qatar)
Day 59: A little bit of Iran in Qatar (Doha, Qatar)
Day 60: The sands and the silhouettes (Messaiieed, Qatar)
Day 61: Game of Throngs (Mumbai, India)
Day 62: From barracks to boats (Srinagar, India)
Day 63: The green side of the Valley (Srinagar, India)
Day 64: Under house arrest (Srinagar, India)
Day 65: Stranded! (Srinagar, India)
Day 66: Honeymooning in the floods (Srinagar, India)
Day 67: Its Dilli, not Delhi (New Delhi, India)
Day 68: The tigers come home (Mahe, India)
Day 69: A lighthouse, a little while away (Vadakara, India)
Day 70: The blades are out today (Kozhikode, India)
Day 71: Stuck in a round square (Kozhikode, India)
Day 72: And I am gone! (Kozhikode, India)
Day 73: Playing with a story (Cochin, India)
Day 74: The jewel of the Arabian sea (Cochin, India)
Day 75: The great Indian backwaters (Vaikkom, India)
Day 76: Wake me up when September ends (Cochin, India)
Day 77: The face in the rain (Munnar, India)
Day 78: The day of the second gear (Munnar, India)
Day 79: Day of the temple run (Thanjavur, India)
Day 80: A little bit of France in India (Pondicherry, India)
Day 81: A country of 43 nationalities (Auroville, India)
Day 82: Temple shores (Mamallapuram, India)
Day 83: Surf’s up, but I aint down! (Mamallapuram, India)
Day 84: Through three states (Bengaluru, India)
Day 85: Couchsurfing in Bangalore (Bengaluru, India)
Day 86: Surreal, yet real (Hampi, India) 
Day 87: Holy Cow! (Hampi, India) 
Day 88: Leeches instead of Beaches (Belgaum, India)
Day 89: Paradise without people (Goa, India)
Day 90: Bollywood over motorbike, today (Goa, India)
Day 91: Privet, Arambol! (Goa, India)
Day 92: Story of the nail (Tarkarli, India)
Day 93: A long and lonely ride (Mahad, India)
Day 94: Laziness strikes. Just a little bit (Mahad, India)
Day 95: Risky Business (Murud, India)
Day 96: In Shantaram’s Colaba (Mumbai, India)
Day 97: Myanmar in Mumbai (Mumbai, India)
Day 98: In a Modi-fied state (Surat, India)
Day 99: Staying dry in Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad, India)
Day 100: Hundred days with a  backpack! (Ahmedabad, India)
Day 101: In the company of camels (Udaipur, India)
Day 102: Of lakes and palaces (Udaipur, India)
Day 103: Following the herd (Ajmer, India) 
Day 104: I have eggs! (Pushkar, India)
Day 105: The economics of religion (Pushkar, India)
Day 106: From Pushkar to a pink city (Jaipur, India)
Day 107: A charming country, we are! (Jaipur, India)
Day 108: The Capital ride (Jaipur, India)
Day 109: A Tombraider for the day (New Delhi, India)
Day 110: The lotus blooms in the capital (New Delhi, India)
Day 111: Monday is at the gate (New Delhi, India)
Day 112: Neon lights and cycle rickshaws (New Delhi, India)
Day 113: Well, this photo had to happen! (Agra, India)
Day 114: Another day, another angle (Agra, India)
Day 115: Birthday at a royal fort (Agra, India)
Day 116: Thank you come again (Kanpur, India)
Day 117: Welcome to the Ghat’s (Varanasi, India)
Day 118: The circle of life and death (Varanasi, India)
Day 119: The boatsman knows it all (Varanasi, India)
Day 120: A failed search for the Aghori (Varanasi, India)
Day 121: In an unplanned state (Bodhgaya, India)
Day 122: An enlightened day (Bodhgaya, India) 
Day 123: Potholes galore! (Ghazipur, India)
Day 124: Crossing a border. Piece of cake! (Lumbini, Nepal)
Day 125: In Buddha’s home ground (Lumbini, Nepal)
Day 126: Still as the water (Lumbini, Nepal)
Day 127: Following the road to Pokhara (Lumbini, Nepal)
Day 128: Beside the lakeside (Pokhara, Nepal)
Day 129: Swinging by Sarangkot. Or maybe not. (Pokhara, Nepal)
Day 130: From lakeside to the damside (Pokhara, Nepal)
Day 131: Riding on coffee, to Kathmandu (Pokhara, Nepal)
Day 132: Around an army of monkeys (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Day 133: The first of many darbars (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Day 134: Thank god for the SAARC (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Day 135: Pottery, temples and a lot of bliss (Bhaktapur, Nepal)
Day 136: The vendors and their assistants (Bhaktapur, Nepal)
Day 137: Tortured by the Terai (Lahan, Nepal)
Day 138: Another day. Another border. (Basantpur, Nepal)
Day 139: In the land of the Gorkhas (Darjeeling, India)
Day 140: Looping around Batasia (Darjeeling, India)
Day 141: Hung. Over! (Darjeeling, India)
Day 142: Finally, I took the train (Darjeeling, India)
Day 143: Land of the thunder dragon! (Phuentsholing, Bhutan)
Day 144: Little bit of Bureaucracy, little bit of bliss (Tsimashim, Bhutan)
Day 145: Lets ride to the capital (Thimphu, Bhutan)
Day 146: Prayer chants and Preying cold (Thimphu, Bhutan)
Day 147: The tiger’s nest. Almost. (Paro, Bhutan)
Day 148: I can’t take this cold anymore! (Paro, Bhutan)
Day 149: Tragedy strikes (Malda, India)
Day 150: I am blowing my fuse here (Krishnanagar, India)
Day 151: Following the track to Kolkata (Barrackpore, India)
Day 152: A new home (Kolkata, India)
Day 153: The colonial Capers (Kolkata, India)
Day 154: The calm in the crowd (Kolkata, India)
Day 155: Food trips galore (Kolkata, India)
Day 156: Boxed in a cricket country (Kolkata, India)
Day 157: Staring at a memorial (Kolkata, India)
Day 158: On a forbidden bridge (Kolkata, India)
Day 159: The folks with a chariot (Kolkata, India)
Day 160: Reflecting on the trip so far (Kolkata, India)
Day 161: The search for literature (Kolkata, India)
Day 162: The European test (Kolkata, India)
Day 163: Hanging with the Hare Krishnas (Kolkata, India)
Day 164: The biodegradable Tea Cup (Kolkata, India)
Day 165: The pulled Rickshaws (Kolkata, India)
Day 166: Alone. Again. In Kolkata (Kolkata, India)
Day 167: The drag sets in (Kolkata, India)
Day 168: All set. Leaving soon. (Kolkata, India)
Day 169: Goodbye Kolkata (Kolkata, India)
Day 170: Thats all from the motorcycle, folks (Chennai, India)
Day 171: Back to the beach (Chennai, India)
Day 172: The ECR is always beautiful (Mamallapuram, India)
Day 173: Stationed and playing (Chennai, India)
Day 174: Weighted and ready to go (Chennai, India)
Day 175: The pleasures of home (Mahe, India)
Day 176: Time for a mela (Vadakara, India)
Day 177: Common love. For the motorbike. (Vadakara, India)
Day 178: And, I am gone. Again! (Erode, India)
Day 179: Greeted by an old keg (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
Day 180: Catching a train from the fort (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
Day 181: Buddha and the beach (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)
Day 182: A beach in a jungle (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)
Day 183: The last rays of the year (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)
Day 184: Its a brand new year already! (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)
Day 185: Beach cricket in  Sri Lanka (Mirissa, Sri Lanka)
Day 186: Weligama fishing village (Weligama, Sri Lanka)
Day 187: Reading passes the day (Weligama, Sri Lanka)
Day 188: Good morning, Weligama (Weligama, Sri Lanka)
Day 189: Freedom from the rat race (Weligama, Sri Lanka)
Day 190: Inking today (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)
Day 191: From hostel Unawatuna, with love (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)
Day 192: The Dutch fort in Galle (Galle, Sri Lanka)
Day 193: Paradise found in Maafushi (Maafushi, Maldives)
Day 194: At the bikini beach. Oh yeah! (Maafushi, Maldives)
Day 195: Early birds (Maafushi, Maldives)
Day 196: A birthday at the beach (Maafushi, Maldives)
Day 197: Bright lights and Maafushi nights (Maafushi, Maldives)
Day 198: Like a kit in the wind (Maafushi, Maldives)
Day 199: Lack of sleep. Again. (Hulhule, Maldives)
Day 200: Familiar shores (Weligama, Sri Lanka)
Day 201: Riding a motorbike. In another country. (Tangalle, Sri Lanka)
Day 202: The stilt fishermen of Sri Lanka (Ahangama, Sri Lanka)
Day 203: Time to jump again (Koggala, Sri Lanka) 
Day 204: Sleeping in Airports (Sharjah, UAE)
Day 205: Ahh, the troubles in Turkey! (Ankara, Turkey)
Day 206: Screwed by Georgia. Saved by Raki (Ankara, Turkey)
Day 207: Parking my troubles away (Ankara, Turkey)
Day 208: In a food coma today (Ankara, Turkey)
Day 209: Art imitating art (Gorukle, Turkey)
Day 210: Hanging like droplets (Gorukle, Turkey)
Day 211: Reflections of calm (Gorukle, Turkey)
Day 212: Saz nights (Gorukle, Turkey)
Day 213: Shisha nights now (Gorukle, Turkey)
Day 214: Stairway to heaven (Bursa, Turkey)
Day 215: The grand mosque is grand indeed! (Bursa, Turkey)
Day 216: Through the streets of Bursa (Bursa, Turkey)
Day 217: From Bursa to Izmir (Bursa, Turkey)
Day 218: Walking on a  Turkish Seafront (Izmir, Turkey)
Day 219: Midnight drummers and midwinter dreamers (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 220: Dancing in the snow (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 221: The fortress calls (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 222: Belgrade from Dawn to Dusk (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 223: In the new garden (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Day 224: Cooking, couchsurfing and Kolo (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Day 225: Walking with a girl on a bike (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Day 226: Dovidnenja, Serbia! (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 227: Surviving Istanbul on Simit (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 228: Valentines on the Bosphorus (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 229: Pamukkale, the cotton castle. (Pamukkale, Turkey)
Day 230: Not selfie! Self-portrait! (Denizli, Turkey)
Day 231: A church! A mosque! A museum! (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 232: A snowy Istanbul, indeed! (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 233: The blue mosque is red inside (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 234: Ok! I see the blue now. (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 235: The whirling dervishes of the Sema ceremony (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 236: The Galata tower (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 237: The German fountain and the hippodrome (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 238: A new mosque, for the last day (Istanbul, Turkey)
Day 239: More mosques. What else. (Bursa, Turkey)
Day 240: The lunarscape of Cappadocia (Goreme, Turkey)
Day 241: Through pots and chimneys (Goreme, Turkey)
Day 242: Otogar days (Denizli, Turkey)
Day 243: The roosters of Denizli (Denizli, Turkey)
Day 244: Elveda Denizli! Tesekkurler Turkiye! (Denizli, Turkey)
Day 245: Sacred hearts in the city of love (Paris, France)
Day 246: From West to the East (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 247: The Parliament. Even for the blind. (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 248: From Buda to Pest (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 249: The other hill in Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 250: Celebrating the finer gender (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 251: The smallest coffins… (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 252: A stroll in a basilica (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 253: Budapest from a fisherman’s view (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 254: From Budapest to Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Day 255: An old theatre in an old town (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Day 256: St. Michael’s gate in the clouds (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Day 257: A little Kurdish love in Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Day 258: A first district meet-up (Vienna, Austria)
Day 259: The man with the diabolo (Vienna, Austria)
Day 260: The tallest building in Poland (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 261: In a Copernicus town (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 262: Parks, palaces and peacocks (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 263: Iranian nowruz in Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 264: Inside the royal castle of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 265: Only a hundred more days (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 266: Town halls and Trappist Beers (Leuven, Belgium)
Day 267: A rainy day in Leuven (Leuven, Belgium)
Day 268: The Atomium of Brussels (Brussels, Belgium)
Day 269: Goodbye to a student town (Leuven, Belgium)
Day 270: Brides on the Seine (Paris, France)
Day 271: Ignoring the Mona Lisa in Louvre (Paris, France)
Day 272: The love bridge of Notre Dame (Paris, France)
Day 273: From Paris to Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
Day 274: Fools in a maze of mirrors (Prague, Czech Republic)
Day 275: Through David Cerny’s Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
Day 276: The Bridge band of Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
Day 277: The caricaturist makes me smile (Prague, Czech Republic)
Day 278: The astronomical clock of Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
Day 279: Saying my goodbyes to Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
Day 280: Pegida and a musical house (Dresden, Germany)
Day 281: Is spring ever coming? (Dresden, Germany)
Day 282: One of the Bismarck towers, in Radebeul (Radebeul, Germany)
Day 283: One day. Three countries (Dresden, Germany)
Day 284: Another Reunion on a Barcelona beach (Barcelona, Spain)
Day 285: The French connection (Marseille, France)
Day 286: In a country of the filthy rich (Nice, France)
Day 287: No Andorra. Not yet. (Toulon, France)
Day 288: Unexpectedly Toulouse (Toulouse, France)
Day 289: In Gaudi’s Barcelona again (Barcelona, Spain)
Day 290: An abandoned sports complex (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Day 291: Dancing with the Lithuanians (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Day 292: The Trakai castle of Vilnius (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Day 293: Turmoil at the Vilnius Cathedral (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Day 294: Goodbye to Winter! Finally! I hope! (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Day 295: I take all kinds of people (Riga, Latvia)
Day 296: Weddings at Saulkrasti (Saulkrasti, Latvia)
Day 297: Couchsurfing. Without a host. (Riga, Latvia)
Day 298: Meeting the Hare Krishnas. Again! (Tallinn, Estonia)
Day 299: The million crown toilet of Tallinn (Tallinn, Estonia)
Day 300: 300 days on the road! (Tallinn, Estonia)
Day 301: Back to the Vistula Shores (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 302: Lazy days. Castle nights. (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 303: There is a beach in Warsaw? (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 304: The tomb of the unknown soldier (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 305: A graffiti artist called Blu (Warsaw, Poland)
Day 306: Zeus temple. Sleek cameras. (Athens, Greece)
Day 307: Conquering the Parthenon and Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
Day 308: I am in Tirana. Balkans, baby! (Tirana, Albania)
Day 309: Swinging by an artificial lake (Tirana, Albania)
Day 310: Albania has a pyramid too! (Tirana, Albania)
Day 311: Sunsets at Ohrid’s lake (Ohrid, Macedonia)
Day 312: Like a bevy of swans (Ohrid, Macedonia)
Day 313: Back in Beautiful Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 314: Where the Sava meets the Danube (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 315: Levitations, Graffiti and Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)
Day 316: In a newborn country (Pristina, Kosovo) 
Day 317: Kosovo and the American connection (Pristina, Kosovo)
Day 318: For a brighter future. For Kosovo (Pristina, Kosovo)
Day 319: Street photography in Kotor (Kotor, Montenegro)
Day 320: The great wall of Kotor (Kotor, Montenegro)
Day 321: In King’s landing for a day (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
Day 322: Bosnia? Or Herzegovina? (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Day 323: The old bridge of Mostar (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Day 324: Another day. Another bridge. (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Day 325: Counting down the days (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Day 326: The lady of the Dolac market (Zagreb, Croatia)
Day 327: Meddling with the Medvednica (Zagreb, Croatia)
Day 328: Zagreb to Ljubljana (Zagreb, Croatia)
Day 329: A wanderer through the Atom age (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Day 330: The hanging shoes of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Day 331: 3 stories of couchsurfing. And lake Bled (Bled, Slovenia)
Day 332: In love with Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Day 333: Triple nelson near the Budapest eye (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 334: The fisherman’s bastion of Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 335: Last month! Lets toast to that! (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 336: By rail through Romania (Budapest, Hungary)
Day 337: A gypsy with a camera? (Bucharest, Romania)
Day 338: Caragiale’s characters (Bucharest, Romania)
Day 339: When Herastrau and Colentina met (Bucharest, Romania)
Day 340: From Bucharest. Namaste India (Bucharest, Romania)
Day 341: Swaying to a Baul in Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania)
Day 342: Skates and bikes. Rolling Romania (Bucharest, Romania)
Day 343: The Bulgarian train odyssey (Ruse, Bulgaria)
Day 344: Free tours and the tourism minister (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Day 345: Size does matter in Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Day 346: Goodbye Europe. Hello again, Asia (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Day 347: Saved by the metro stations (Dubai, UAE)
Day 348: A walk in the Mamzar Corniche (Dubai, UAE)
Day 349: Dutyfree shops and flashy cars (Dubai, UAE)
Day 350: Absolut India, down in Colombo (Colombo, Srilanka)
Day 351: Through Sri Lanka’s hill country (Ella, Srilanka)
Day 352: Serenity and sunsets at Arugam bay (Arugam bay, Srilanka)
Day 353: Easternmost tip of Srilanka (Ampara, Srilanka)
Day 354: Ungodly hours at the fort (Colombo, Srilanka)
Day 355: Surfing or Yoga? Both! (Unawatuna, Srilanka)
Day 356: The world is not enough (unawatuna, Srilanka)
Day 357: Mornings at Marina (Chennai, India)
Day 358: Catching up with St. Thomas (Chennai, India)
Day 359: Kollywood. Not Bollywood. (Chennai, India)
Day 360: To the memory of a Dutchman (Chennai, India)
Day 361: A rainy and lazy day in Chennai (Chennai, India)
Day 362: Till we meet again, Chennai (Chennai, India)
Day 363: Smiles abound in Mamallapuram (Mamallapuram, India)
Day 364: The big day is tomorrow (Mamallapuram, India)
Day 365: That’s all, ladies and gentlemen! (Mamallapuram, India)

That was a lengthy year everyone. To know what true elation and unrestrained emotions feel like, jump to the last day of this project.

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