Flying Fox hostel and Waradah Aboriginal center: Katoomba, Australia

This was the 8th post (Day 8) of an entire year-long series, which I named ‘Project 365′. The idea was simple enough: travel for a full year and document every day of it, in the form of a daily picture and poem. I am still working on a book of this year-long travel, but till then, enjoy all the posts here. You can check out the daily posts in the details below or jump to the final day of the project by clicking here.


9th July 2014 – Blue Mountains, Australia (Day 8)

The bottles are out, like white ghosts in the mist.
They appear, and minutes later, disappear in the winds.
We may as well live now in this nocturnal twist,
before the murder of the Mineirao unfolds in our midst.
Flying fox backpacker katoomba australia

The road to the flying fox backpackers, just a short walk from the train station.

Yesterday, I had checked into my hostel (the flying fox hostel in Katoomba) in a jiffy, and stepped out to see the famous 3 sisters. Today, I wanted to enjoy the hostel atmosphere and some aboriginal performances.
Flying fox backpacker hostel was fun, as almost everybody staying there seemed to be during the working holiday visa, and hence knew the place quite well. We brought alcohol from the nearby store, and started having a few drinks in the morning before stepping out. You know, anything to help relieve the cold of July.

After a coupe of beers, I stepped out around noon to quickly catch an aboriginal dance performance at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre. ‘Australia’s No 1 Aboriginal Cultural centre’, as they call themselves, was located inside the Three sisters World Heritage Plaza, which was right next to Echo point where I had spent almost the full day yesterday. But their live shows were at fixed timeslots, and I somehow couldn’t make it there on time. I was determined today not to repeat that mistake, so I went sharp at 2 pm, which was when one of the shows was scheduled.
3 sisters world heritage plaza

The 3 sisters world heritage plaza, where the Waradah Aboriginal centre was located.

Traditional aboriginal dancers performed the Corroboree dance, with the  accompaniment of didgeridoos and other clap instruments, all the while being dressed in colourful costumes and body paint. The show cost about 20 AUD, and lasted between 15 to 30 minutes.

Apart from the live performance, there was also an art gallery which seemed to be stocked up on Didgeridoos, which came in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Didgeridoos waradah aboriginal centre

The art gallery at Waradah aboriginal centre

waradah aboriginal centre katoomba

Aboriginal art outside the world heritage plaza.

With my share of daily tourist activity done for the day, I returned back to the hostel and continued my drinking with the dorm-mates. Soon, I met up with Ross, the owner, and it was surprising to know that he has even travelled to Kerala, where I come from! After a drinking spree until 11 pm, I managed to finally get some sleep.

flying fox hostel katoomba australia

A bonfire at Flying Fox hostel, is the stuff of travel legends.

Sleep lasted all of 3 hours, before dragging myself up to see the FIFA semifinals between Brazil and Germany. Ross, from flying fox, took us to this sleepy cafe called The Zest in the nearby town of Leura, where I sat stunned for the next 2 hours to see a hapless Brazil getting thrashed by the Germans. All my childhood images of hero-worship, were swallowed down like a bavaria beer. They constantly showed Brazilian kids crying on TV.

I think I was one of them too.

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