Images from the street: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cambodia is one of those countries, about which I never got to post much. Except for the one post about the silly travel video which we made in Cambodia, which for some reason, became pretty popular in the Singapore couch surfing community. Was going through my pictures, and decided that I had to post some pictures of this beautiful country.

Although my Cambodian trip took me mainly to Siem Reap, I did have the pleasure of visiting Phnom Penh for a quick day, before I darted off on a minivan to see the Ankor Wat. Will have to write about Siem reap some other time, but this one is for Phnom Penh, and some of the few pictures that I took in my short visit there.

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Wat phnom park cambodia

Wat Phnom, is a small park right in the middle of the city. In the background is a fully functional clock made in the grass, and the foreground is a bamboo statue of Naga, which you can expect to find in many parts of Cambodia.

Phnom penh park cambodia

Take a casual stroll in the Wat Phnom, and pass an idyllic hour of two. Watch out for the monkeys, and be nice to the hawkers. They will go away once you tell them you are not interested.

wat phnom park

The actual wat (temple) in the Wat phnom park. Opening hours from 7 AM to 6.30 PM.

cambodia street food

If you are feeling a little adventurous, do stop by at any of the street food shops, and try a little frog!


cambodia street children

Phnom Penh is a good introduction to the street-vendors of Cambodia. My advice – Be nice to them. They are desperate, but they mean no harm.


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