5 movies that have inspired me to travel 7

Some movies make you cry. They make you laugh. They make you get angry.

Some movies also make you want to travel.

In my case, I was also inspired by a few movies, which made me want to stretch my travel horizons. It would be surprising for most people, not to see ‘bucket list’ in my list below. But I never felt that ‘bucket list’ was the way I wanted to travel. I was definitely not going to wait till I die, nor am I a millionaire to see all those countries the way it is seen in the movie. But anyway, below are my ‘inspirational’ movies.

Which are yours?


If you haven’t seen this before, Baraka is a documentary without a narrative. Which means, there is no speech, voice-over, dialogue, monologue, whatever. The director, Ron Fricke travelled to 24 different countries over a year, to capture pure genius, captivating scenes from around the world.



Ron Fricke followed up with Samsara, which was released 20 years later, in 2011. 25 countries this time, but shot over a long 5 year period. But the most remarkable scene had to be the footage they got of the Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where photography and foreigners are both not allowed.

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The beach

Love it or hate it. But like most people, Thailand was the first country that I ever travelled to, if you exclude countries where I worked or lived. And that has to do with this movie, which made an entire generation go looking for those beaches and hidden paradises in Thailand.

True story: Visit the Maya bay in real life, and its busier than a train station. Yeah, others were inspired too.

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Motorcycle diaries

This biopic about Che, may have a more serious ending, but it is the travel along the way that makes it visually stunning. Despite travelling through the Andes, the Atacama desert and the Amazon forests, the best scenes would be of the Macchu Picchu in Peru. Instantly added to my checklist.

Further Reading: I did a somewhat ‘Indian version’ of this, riding from Kerala to Nepal and Bhutan.

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhumi

This one is from my own language in India, called Malayalam. Unfortunately, most people think that Indian Movies are only bollywood. Which is not true, as there is a strong regional movie industry in India for the many languages that exist in the country. And this movie captures an Indian Psyche which is normally not explored. And that is the idea of travelling for the sake of travelling.


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