Images of a protest : Bangkok, Thailand

The news has been abuzz recently about the Thailand political crisis. Back in June 2013, I was in Bangkok, and was witness to an anti-Thaksin rally. I am no news reporter, but there was something very raw and unexpected in a Thai protest. Almost like the first reaction when you eat a spicy pad thai. There was only one thing that could be done when an immature photographer like me meets an immovable protest like that.

I HAD to join them!

You see, the Thais are some of the most peace-loving people on earth. I have been to Thailand 4 times (as of 2014) and I have never seen a loud or angry Thai. In fact, more often I see foreigners shouting at the locals for silly things, and the Thai taking abuses to his face. So, to me, seeing a group of Thai people protest, was novel. It wasn’t loud or violent like the protests that I am used to seeing in my own country. But it was definitely worth an hour of my time to take these pictures.


I didn’t post these pictures until now, because I never thought that the anti-Taksin feeling was going to go so much over the top. Well, you could say that these pictures symbolized part of the beginning.

Bangkok thailand protest

V for vendetta!

Bangkok anti-thaksin protests

Bangkok anti thaksin protest

I had some of the protesters translate the posters to me, and it was mainly anti-thaksin speeches.

Anti thaksin protest

anti thaksin protest

The finger is definitely strategically placed!


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