Dancewalking in Singapore

Many of the people I meet while travelling, have never heard of dancewalking. And I am proud when I explain to them, especially when I tell them, how it is so common in Singapore.


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Well, to keep things in perspective, nobody knew of dance walking in Singapore too,  until a year ago. Around that time, one hippy local couch-surfer with long hair went on a trip to some European city, and his host there took him along for a dancewalk. When he came back to Singapore, he explained to us, over countless beers, what an amazing experience it was.

Basically, dancewalking is self-explanatory. You are dancing, while you are walking. And in a crowd. The kick is that, the music is played on your personal music player or mobile phone, and you are listening to it on your headphones. So, the only person that can hear the music you are dancing to, is yourself! Now, imagine 50 or 100 people dancing to their own beat, with the people around, watching you, wondering what you smoked in the morning! Ah, the bliss!

So, we set up the first dancewalk in Singapore. And since we are huge attention-seeking whores, we had to set it up in the busiest section of Singapore, i.e, the orchard road. So, we dancewalked, about 70-80 people, from Dhobi ghaut to Orchard, showing off a wide variety of moves. There were crumpers, hip-hoppers, waltzers, salseros, and even a couple of Bhangra and Tamil kuthu artists.

And it became an epic in the couchsurfing community of Singapore.

So, requests came pouring in for another one. And since we had to outdo the previous one, we chalked it for Halloween. Yes, the idea was obvious. A horde of people, dancing to their own tune, while walking from boat quay to Clarke quay, along a stretch of the hippest place in Singapore. And all of them, in Halloween costumes. Just the thought of it was orgasmic!!

And we did it again. Luckily, again no one was arrested in Singapore, a country which can be anal about public gatherings at times. Everyone had a good laugh, and we created a set of memories that will last forever.



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