Sunset or Sunrise? : Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud, Bali 2

My legs are cramped. I am unceremoniously woken up to the sight of a blank arrival card, which I need to fill up. And the smell of a prebooked meal, consisting of chicken and some dry pieces of vegetables thrown in together, with some kind of a barbeque sauce to cover everything. With the heavy turbulence that I am experiencing currently, I have no idea how that chicken is going to end up in my mouth.

I MUST be on an airasia flight to Bali. A tiring week had ensured that I slept off the moment I had taken  my seat on the flight.



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Bali was not on my travel agenda for this year, since I have been here before. But East timor bought me here. To get to Dili in East Timor, I had to take a flight from either Bali, or Darwin in Australia. So, choosing Bali was a no-brainer. And since I am heading to a very remote place, might as well start riding already and see some of the stuff that I missed out in Bali before.

I was couchsurfing again. Or rather, repeat-surfing, since I am staying with the same couchsurfing host with whom I stayed during my last visit to Bali. And I was meeting some old friends, and some people from back home in Singapore who are also currently travelling to Bali.

As we landed, the Nguh Rai Airport wore a non-committal look. The rain has been pounding Bali for a few weeks now. I hailed an airport taxi to my couchsurfing host’s place in Denpasar.

To my surprise, my CS host, knowing how I love to ride a bike in Bali, had already rented a scooter for me. And she choose a 125CC vario, no beast like my Enfield Thunderbird 350, but still high-end stuff in this part of the world. I was all set to go for a sunset walk in Ubud, so decided to take an hour’s rest around 4 PM first for an hour.

Only to wake up at 3.30 AM the next day!


The tiredness of a long, working week had finally caught up with me. And I couldn’t sleep after 3.30 AM. So, I improvised. I couldn’t see the sunset, but maybe I could see the sunrise?

So, I took my scooter and rode out to Ubud at 4 AM in the morning. Stopped at a couple of coffee shops, and had 1 or 2 coffees to wake me up completely. And a friend in Ubud was awake too, so she watsapped me that I should check out the Campuhan ridge walk.

Monkey forest road in Ubud, Bali

You should get an idea by now why this road is called Monkey forest road.

Paddy fields in Ubud, Bali.

Passed by these beautiful fields somewhere in Ubud.


The Campuhan ridge walk starts from Hotel Ibah, and if you don’t notice a very small board at the entrance of the hotel, you are most definitely going to miss the left turn that you must take to start the ridge walk.

Hotel Ibah, where the Campuhan ridge walk starts.

The parking lot of the Hotel Ibah. The Campuhan ridge walk officially starts from here, after you have parked your motorcycle.


After parking my motorcycle in the parking lot above, I took a few steps and reached an uneven bit of land, or rather an unfinished temple. Once I saw the below frame to my right, I knew that I was officially on the Campuhan Ridge walk. All I had to do was, just keep walking.

Campuhan ridge walk.

Either it is demolished, or it is still being built, but either way this temple appears at the beginning of the Campuhan ridge walk.


After about 100 metres or so, the actual ridge started, which is distinguished by square blocks on the ground, creating a path that will run for the next 2 km. If you get to this point, soak yourself in the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful scenes around you.

Campuhan ridge walk

The ridge itself. Once you see this, you can keep walking for a good 2 kms.


It had been raining since I landed in Bali, and the bad weather ensured that the sunrise wasn’t so great. Although seeing the sunrise was the only reason for me to take the ridge walk. Along the way, you could see some morning joggers/walkers or other photographers, who were returning back.

Sunrise at Campuhan ridge walk.

Not much of a sunrise due to the weather, but the morning dew made the grass look so dreamy.


If you manage to walk the whole 2 km of the ridge, you will be able to visit the Karsa cafe, which apparently has a great view of the paddy fields. Well, I couldn’t, since I had to turn back. I was late for a breakfast appointment with a friend, and was already working up a generous sweat from the walking. So, somewhere at the 1.5 mark, I stopped, took a few pictures and began my long walk back.

Another tour of Bali had just begun today.


Campuhan ridge walk

The view from the ridge.


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