Love in Cambodia

During our trip to Cambodia in April 2013, we were aimlessly wandering around the Ankor wat complex. The summer heat was taking its toll, and we had been cycling from 5 AM. (I am a sucker for early sunrises). Everybody was tired out of their heads. And suddenly someone had an idea!

Why not make a movie? I mean, one of those shortest-of-short film kinds. Something that can be shot in just 30 minutes or so, and said a story in about a minute or so. And from that point on, everything escalated rather quickly. We came up with the shortest love story ever told, and proceeded to film it quickly too.

There was no tripod or monopod available, so I did the best hand-mounting possible, kept my hands as steady as they can be, and filmed away scenes using my Canon 550D. There was no mic, so we were sure that we would have to dub the lines in later. But to compensate, we shot every scene in 2 different angles, so that they can be mixed in later.

And after coming back from Cambodia, I totally forgot about the footage. Until December. Yep, I think this was the longest post-shooting phase for any movie ever! But partially, it was because my windows laptop was not able to handle the large size of videos, and I had to wait until I got my hands on a Macbook.

And once we started editing, it was amazing that the Canon 550D has a rather remarkable inbuilt microphone. The lines were super clear. It also helped that I was shooting with a Sigma 11-16 wide-angle lens, and was very close in each scene. So, the editing was over in just a matter of 30 minutes too. And to top it up, we used only imovie!!

So, without further ado, presenting my first travel movie ever. And here’s to many more along the way.


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