Searching for Tintin: In Chinatown, Singapore

Update: The location of the Tintin shop has changed slightly since I wrote this post, although it is still in the same street.


I literally grew up with Tintin.

I cant remember how long ago it was, but I must have read every single Tintin comic. In fact, during my quizzing days, I even earned a nickname as Tintin, because of my in depth knowledge of everything Tintin. (Does anyone know how to differentiate one thompson from the other? I do! ).

So, it came as a surprise to me when I heard there was a Tintin shop in Singapore. And I did the most logical thing I can imagine.

I went searching for it.


So, where is it?

I knew it was somewhere on Pagoda street, in Chinatown, Singapore. Well, to be exact, it is on 28 Pagoda street  56 Pagoda street. But if you have ever been to Chinatown, you would know that it is almost impossible to find out the exact unit number in any of the streets there. So, I took the Exit A from the Chinatown MRT station, and just kept walking around Pagoda street, hoping to find anything that looked like it could be related to Tintin.


Chinatown MRT Exit

The exit from Chinatown MRT

Chinatown, Singapore

And then you come face-to-face with the chaos of Chinatown.

And finally, it was a nostalgic moment for me when I came face to face with a life size model of captain haddock. I was finally at a real tintin store! I was literally living my childhood again!

I went into take a look at the items, which ranged from figurines to watches, to even bags and homeware. I think I spent about an hour there, and bought a few keychains and postcards.

The tintin shop in Singapore

The Tintin shop. Finally

Don’t be surprised if I go back for more in the near future.

Check out the Chinese new year celebrations in Chinatown!

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