Lusting for the rain

She smiled lusciously,

barren lips breaking into a wet trance.
Unspoken erotica, pouring turmoil on my psyche.
Touching an abyss never explored.
Wandering through forbidden fields of lust.

And when I think of her, the lust is what I recall.
Lashing waves against this evening shore.
Again and again, till the pain turned to pleasure.
The pain I never sought, nor coveted.
All this forsaken soul longed for,
was a drop of your warm touch.

Break free
From the moral chains of the hazy clouds
And pour forth your lust
Onto this cauldron of human needs.
Fill it to the brim, till I no longer know
The ungodly difference
between pleasure and rain.



About Abhi Surendran

Abhi quit his corporate job, and decided to immerse himself in travels, photography, occasional periods of bankruptcy, and copious amounts of insanity. He is currently working on a book of his experiences, and a dream road trip through South Asia. Both in a haphazard fashion. He blogs at Iamnothome and you can also catch him at times on Facebook and twitter.

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