They all, shall pass. 2

There shall be no wisp of thin air
between the end and the beginning.
Nor shall there be any acrimonious good-byes.
No sober hands can hold me back, nor can the wretched fingers extend their clasp. Plight is home for the nearsighted. Delight is home for the enlightened. I am home for the merry and gay. But not for you. You, like them all, shall pass.
The naked leprechauns know shame nor guilt. Or the thousand things that people built. Hustling in the forlorn streets, Lusting for the forbidden fruit. They wander in my twilight gardens, like leaves of unknown, taboo thoughts. I turn. They turn their eyes on me. Not eyes. In lust, they built a sinking sea. They stare, until my soul is bared. But then, their eyes just move on fast.
I now know what the travelers said. Home is where the heart once stayed. Mine never did, didn't even pause. They tried their best, but They all, shall pass.
======================================================== Travelling is sometimes the best example of a perfect 'no strings attached' relationship.



About Abhi Surendran

Abhi quit his corporate job, and decided to immerse himself in travels, photography, occasional periods of bankruptcy, and copious amounts of insanity. He is currently working on a book of his experiences, and a dream road trip through South Asia. Both in a haphazard fashion. He blogs at Iamnothome and you can also catch him at times on Facebook and twitter.

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