Eat Dates? : Ziggurat restaurant, Manila

Update: I wrote this short post back in 2011 when I had just landed in the Philippines, and was amazed by the menu here. The restaurant has only become more popular since then, even being chosen as one of the best in Philippines by none lesser than lonely planet itself.

For the average food critic, Ziggurat is a relatively unknown restaurant hidden somewhere in the middle of Jupiter avenue in Makati, Philippines. But, for the initiated, it can be an ultimate ‘digging grove’, with a menu picked up from across the Islamic region, or what they call the IMAM menu. (Indian, Middle-eastern, African, Mediterranean).

Ziggurat restaurant

Ziggurat restaurant in Manila. Source:

Ziggurat manila

The famous Kebabs of Ziggurat. Source:

Everything at Ziggurat is vastly different from any other restaurant that you would see in Manila. Be it the exotic menu, (where else would you get w’et, couscous, falooda and Kabsa in the same place?) or the newspaper on which the menu is printed. But nothing captures your imagination as vividly as the huge poster at the entrance, shown below. Playing on the dual meanings, and the corny nature of the street where it is close to, you can’t help but chuckle as you read through it. Warm Indian cream at the ziggurat restaurant, anyone? 😉
The menu at Ziggurat

The menu at Ziggurat. Read through it for some giggles and stuff.



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