Forlorn lands and forgotten poems. 2

Bittersweet lies!!
So, you wouldn’t want to see me?
For what joy, may I ask?
For the sheer exuberance
that pain can hold?
Or for the vanity
of self-depreciation?

Pain goes a full circle.
So, are we both caught in a corner?
Shades of black and white is chaste,
is life a motley grey?
And when truth does falter and come your way,
why would you walk away?

So, is it for everyday mortals,
to see you and dream?
You made me feel like a king,
and now you make me the penny less pauper?

People change. Situations change.
feelings shall never.
And the feelings that we keep for each other,
shall only wax, never wane.
And the frigidity of your mind
would never let you know,
that it’s this distance that you give me
that keeps us ever so close.
Because in forlorn lands
does the cactus grow.
And in forgotten poems does
does the verses flow.



Speaking of forlorn lands and forgotten poems, dug this one up from a little bed secret which I had buried up quite a while ago.



About Abhi Surendran

Abhi quit his corporate job, and decided to immerse himself in travels, photography, occasional periods of bankruptcy, and copious amounts of insanity. He is currently working on a book of his experiences, and a dream road trip through South Asia. Both in a haphazard fashion. He blogs at Iamnothome and you can also catch him at times on Facebook and twitter.

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