Purple be thy color.

Its not about the homosexuality,
which never existed in the first place.
Pink is your foe
and lavender your abhorrence.
Its not about the royalty.
There was no one more royal than you.
Yet there was no one more banal than you.


Its probably the pride.
Some might call it a deadly sin,
but not to you.
Not to us.
Pride is the way we walk
or rather, the path. The means.


But the best reason,
is the high.
The high of being with you.
The high of the warmth,
so engulfing.
so reassuring.
so comforting.
It has to be about the high.
The all-encompassing
purple haze.
My LSD!!


Wrote it on some high, back in 2007.



About Abhi Surendran

Abhi quit his corporate job, and decided to immerse himself in travels, photography, occasional periods of bankruptcy, and copious amounts of insanity. He is currently working on a book of his experiences, and a dream road trip through South Asia. Both in a haphazard fashion. He blogs at Iamnothome and you can also catch him at times on Facebook and twitter.

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