Kibithoo To Kanyakumari to Koteshwar (K2K2K) – 3 extremes. 1 hopeless dude on a bike.

“Oh great!. Another wannabe motorcyclist with a plan for a mighty K2K ride with a social cause, and a plan that will never materialize!”


Nope. Not that dude. Definitely not that kind of plan too. And before you write me off – and also to set the precedent correctly – this is not my first pan-India motorcycle ride. Hell, this is not even my first K2K. That would be this one, riding from Kozhikode to Kathmandu to Kolkata, via Bhutan. And yeah, that was solo too.


Now, that epic ride was 3 years ago already and since then I have been exploring the rest of the world. Let’s just say that my butt needed a break. Now, I am back again in India and I feel like I have been holding off on travelling india, waiting for an even more epic ride. Well, this is it.

sunrise motorcycle ride karnataka

The sun is rising on the long ride again. And my stupid mug of a face is somewhere in the reflection.

The K2K2K Ride: From Kibithoo to Kanyakumari to Koteshvar

I have always believed that India is a continent masquerading as a country. I mean, you could basically visit every single kind of terrain in this one country, apart from encountering hundreds of languages, subcultures, races, food and pretty much everything that is usually unique in a country. Hence, my decision to explore the country has always revolved around a motorcycle, which would help me navigate to places that most people usually cannot.


vayalada kakkayam dam motorcycle

Like here, far away from the touristy areas of Kerala, somewhere in Vayalada

I had originally planned a K2K ride. From Kibithoo to Kanyakumari. But a good riding friend – Twinkle Kapdi, the first Indian woman to ride from Kutch to Kibithoo – convinced me that Kutch is amazing too, and inspired me to add it to the route. So, the plan eventually became a K2K2K.

(I know. Karan Johar may decide to marry me, with all my K’s)

The Eastern-most point of India, is Kibithoo H.Q; high up in the land of the dawn-lit mountains, Arunachal Pradesh. The southern-most point of continental/mainland India is Kanyakumari, in Tamil Nadu. (Not southernmost point of India – that would be the Indira point in Nicobar islands). And the Westernmost part of the country would be the Koteshvar temple in the desert-like Kutch region of Gujarat. A mountain, a coast and a desert. I think these 3 extremes are enough to explain the diversity of India.

And what better way to travel this distance – to bridge this diversity – than by riding it down entirely on a motorbike?

The K2K2K Dates

I will tentatively flag off from Kibithoo H.Q on 20th Dec 2017. And I hope to end the ride by the 1st of May. How I spend the 4-5 months in the middle is completely flexible, as I tend to have the knack of veering away from the path and exploring small towns.

Dark humour: My 2018 new year resolution, is just to stay alive.

The K2K2K route

k2k2k kibithoo to kanyakumari to koteshvar

The route plan for the k2k2k ride. Google maps has no idea how many breaks i take and how many times i veer off from the original path!


If you want the detailed route, click this link. But do note that only the start date is kinda fixed. The rest of the dates are flexible.

royal enfield ride in rain

I tend to get stuck during my rides a lot. What are you going to do about it?

Blue pill! How do I follow/Support?

Everybody in India asks me one question when I tell them about a pan-india ride: “What is the cause? Are you trying to raise awareness of farmer suicides? Are you doing this for empowerment of woman? Are you…..etc “

I want to be frank here. Unlike many bike-trips, I am not doing this trip for any cause. I am not discrediting those bikers who do trips for causes. But If I wanted to support a particular cause, I won’t be riding a motorcycle around the country. I would be working towards it at the ground-level. So, if I said I am doing this trip for some cause, that would be a big, fat lie. And I prefer not to lie.

I am doing this purely for the love of travel and the adrenalin-rush of meeting the unknown. If you still support the ride, you can follow the journey on:


Red Pill: How can I help?

Individual Supporters


I am not crowd-funding this trip, as I have a little bit of savings and will be working a little bit along the road to make some money. But the key words there are : “little bit”. So, I am always open to people helping me out, in return for some souvenir on the road (need a picture from the easternmost point of india, some sand from the southernmost point, some tea leaves from Assam etc?). If you feel like helping me out financially, click here to fund me, and drop me a note on my contact form here for what you want in return for your help. I would be more than happy to oblige.

Corporate sponsors


This is a self-funded trip. My marketing and PR skills are totally out of whack and I am not so good at approaching brands for a sponsorship. But if you are a corporate entity and you feel that this venture has something that is of use to your firm/brand/company, contact me on my facebook, or on my contact form.


Media sponsors


I am already documenting every bit of my travels, whether it is through my blog posts, instagram pictures, or facebook feed. So, there is a tremendous potential for a media partnership here. So, get in touch with me here or on facebook if you want to partner on a media venture together.

kariyathumpara kerala

Climb on my back for the ride of a life. Oh, have I told you I can be melodramatic in my photo captions?