The Shwedagon stupa 2
Myanmar has always been a very enigmatic country for me. While growing up, I read the newspapers about Aung San Suu Kyi and the civil unrest in Myanmar, but could not get satisfactory information about either, with all the media controls imposed by the government. The country also maintained a stringent control over tourism, with restrictions on border crossings on all sides, and foreigners not allowed to go beyond defined perimeters. But since 2010, there has been a remarkable change in the affairs of  Myanmar, with Aung San Suu Kyi’s release, and many international carriers launching direct flights to the […]

In Photos: Shwedagon pagoda of Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon 2
Everybody is doing it. So, I might as well.   To recount a year is difficult, and especially when it is a year like 2013 which was nothing short of momentous. I checked my hard disk to find out that I have travelled to a total of 14 countries this year, and the total pictures in my hard disk totalled up to 32000! So, what better way to recount a year, than to show it in pictures.   January The Thaipusam festival is one of the most bizarre festivals that one can imagine. I have been wanting to check out […]

2013: My year in travel photos