Project 365: Day 154 – The calm in the crowd

2nd December 2014 – Kolkata, India

Sudder street, was chaos and havoc. And my legs led me elsewhere
To the only patch of green in the city, where cricket was the only crisis.
It’s unnerving to see singular vendors, moved away from the city,
And stationed on empty grounds, where the price falls and the city rises.
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Even in this chaotic city, there are places of calm. You just have to look for it. – Kolkata, India

While Sudder street, where I stay, is crowded and congested, there is a vast patch of green nearby which I just found out today.

Sudder street is about a 15 minutes walk from the Maidan. And I say walk, because I had to give my motorbike for servicing today. The saddest thing about this bike service, is that it is no longer free. I didn’t know the clause in the Enfield warranty agreement, which says that your free services do not apply if you exceed 10000 KM on the odometer, or 1 year of purchase. I had not exceeded 1 year, but I was riding on 11000 Kms already.

So reluctantly, I gave my bike for servicing today. I had to, after all the wiring and fuse issues that I have been having recently. And so, for the next few days, I am back to being a neanderthal. That means, no bike.

So, I walked to the Maidans today. The maidens are a large patch of ground, which includes the Eden gardens, Fort Williams, and the Victoria memorial. Thankfully, the Kolkata city administration had left out this patch in their development stride. And the people used this for all kind of sports, mostly dominated by cricket.

But, my favourite thing was watching the Victoria memorial from far, and the different vendors sitting isolated around the ground. There is still some peace to be found in Kolkata.


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