Project 365: Day 34 – Leaving on a Jetplane 2

4th August 2014 – Singapore

Goodbyes are the worst sob stories. Oh, the pain!
Especially to friends, who saw you in both the low and prime.
But with all this travel, I find that I now smile more often at airports.
Because, thankfully, goodbyes don’t last a wretched lifetime.  
Actually, I hate to go. - Changi airport, Singapore

Actually, I hate to go. – Changi airport, Singapore

When I started this journey from Singapore, it was heartbreaking. To let go of all the friends here. To start again, on ground zero. I was consumed with depression on the first day of my journey, in Sydney. And rightfully, i decided to make a short pitstop here, on the way from New Zealand to India.

But this time, with a full month of travel behind me, I have become much more cold-hearted. Lets say that I have learnt my lessons. One of the prices you pay for travelling the world, and meeting and loving different people, is the feeling of never being at home. A part of your heart is always in some remote land.

Click here to check out the butterfly gardens which is located INSIDE Changi Airport!

I laughed my way throughout the day. I said goodbye in the morning to Victoria, who not only hosted me for this trip, but has been my reflection for the last few months. Then, for breakfast, I met the awesome Aussie Maureen, who has always supported me in my weird-ass antics across the town. Then, took my luggage from the dinky storage room of Rindo (who also designed the artwork for my blog), and met with Andrea who waved me off with the most amazing lunch I ever had. And to top it up, my best friend, Jessica dropped me to airport, and said the final goodbye. And these were all the best people that I have known in Singapore. And they all made plans to meet me in the near future, around the world.

You don’t need to know all my friend. You just need to know that I didn’t shed a single tear this time around.


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