Project 365: Day 11 – Going with the flow 3

12th July 2014 – Efate, Vanuatu

Life moves at a wretched pace that beckons me
To pause, to ponder, and to purportedly fill
myself with thoughts and questions, and the final conclusion.
That life, like water, now remains beguiling and still.
mele cascades vanuatu port vila

Flowing still. – Mele Cascades, in Efate, Vanuatu

The day began early today again. Surprising that I’ve never got up before 8.30 even when I was working in a workaholic Singapore. But when I am travelling, I found out that I can wake up at ungodly hours, and not hit the sweet snooze button. Because today, we had a full day plan chalked out.

Maciej and me left the hostel early morning, took the rented car, and started our long drive around the whole island, which is roughly 102 KMs. And to his credit, he drove the whole time. We stopped at innumerable villages along the way, hung out with the amazing kids and I was already beginning to get confused about which would be the ‘pic of the day’.

Only until we came to the Mele Cascades, on the western coast of Efate, just 10 KMs away from Port Vila. It was a wonder that I took my tripod along, despite the early morning rush. But the next 2 hours were spent in the cascades, with the tripod, a remote, and countless long exposure shots. And i had my “pic of the day”.

Will try to sleep early today. Have to try to see the losers tomorrow morning.

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