Project 365: Day 30 – Going full circle

31st July 2014 – Melbourne, Australia

In airports and terminals, I found a new game.

Of hide-and-seek, with an edge of chaos and mayhem
Time is playing a good referee, and keeps reminding me.
The exits are always there. But I have no plans of taking them.
No emergencies. And no exits. - Melbourne, Australia

No emergencies. And no exits. – Melbourne, Australia

They say time flies. Mine must have taken a concorde, because the realisation is a kickback when you are already typing out the 30th day post. The last one month was spent in 5 different countries, and that is a fairly good start.

Click here to check out pictures from Vanuautu, one of my favourite countries the last month!

Some people tell me that I am stupid to travel Australia for just a week, and New Zealand for just 2 weeks. The thing is, I am not on a vacation! I am on a year-long travel trip, and I have to ensure that my budget stays for at least a year. And the easiest way to bust that budget, is to stay longer in countries down under, where the prices are nothing less than ridiculous. To those critics of mine, let me get to Nepal, and I will stay there for a month. If you wish.

Want to go to Nepal? Click here to check out Bhaktapur!

So, last night, I took a flight from Christchurch to Singapore, with a transit in Melbourne Tullamarine airport. The problem was, the transit lasted for a total of 12 hours! And, because of the weird transit laws in Australia (In most countries, anything less than 24 hours is considered transit. In Australia, it is 8 hours!), I had to get my heavy check-in luggage, and put myself to the mercy of the terminal gods. Given that it was a weekday, and it was midnight already, I choose this option over going out into the city. Half a season of ‘Newsroom’ later, I am barely awake. Now is a good time to get some sleep.

Or maybe not. The flight is in just 2 more hours.


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