Project 365: Day 28 – The search for the golden hour 2

29th July 2014 – Christchurch, New Zealand

Light has found a long-lost friend,
And the shadows now face their foe.
In the ruins and rubble of Christchurch,
I found the golden hour, ending my woe. 
Chasing the light - Christchurch, New Zealand

Chasing the light – Christchurch, New Zealand

To make this project easier, sometimes I resort to taking pictures at the beautiful hours. One of which is the sunrise, which explains why I have been waking up so early at times. The other is the golden hour, the twilight zone, which transforms even ordinary places into an amazing palette of colours. But apart from Vanuatu, I haven’t had much luck in my other places, always missing out the magic hour, or sometimes, not finding an interesting subject.

Check out the twilight shots from Vanuatu!!

Christchurch seems to have filled that void. A walk through the city, had me taking so many pictures of the different construction sites across the city. The recent earthquake – 2011, I believe – has left pretty much the whole city in reconstruction mode. It wasn’t so comforting to see my own hostel, YMCA Christchurch, undergo reconstruction. I will have to count sheep tonight to sleep. That can be quite daunting in New Zealand, where there are actually more sheep than people.

By the time, I reached Hagley park, the light was fading, and I had pretty much decided to choose one of the building reconstruction photos, as the ‘pic of the day’.

At that very moment, an angel walked past me. No, he actually cycled.


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