Project 365: Day 27 – In coffee, we trust

28th July 2014 – Picton, New Zealand

The lack of protein has begun to show
And the nicotine doesn’t want to go slow
With all this hectic travel, sometimes I wonder.
If it is blood, or caffeine, that rides the flow. 
The simple pleasures of travel. - Picton, New Zealand.

The simple pleasures of travel. – Picton, New Zealand.

Those who don’t travel, often keep telling me how jealous they are about what I do. But the wise ones, the ones that travel, keep warning me.

Watch out. You will tire yourself once in a while. Be ready to rejuvenate, and to reinvent yourself every once in a while.”

Today was one of those days. The harsh cold winter of New Zealand, had begun to take its toll on me already, and I had to take an early morning ferry to Picton, on a bluebridge ferry liner. Smoked almost half a pack, during the whole ferry ride. I was tired, but couldn’t rest or sleep. I don’t know if there is a word in the vocabulary to describe a sense of inertia that tires you out, yet doesn’t want to stop or give up. I think I am living that right now. From Picton, I took a 6-hour bus to Christchurch, and checked into the YMCA. And throughout the day, I took all of just one picture, and am calling it a day for now.

I compare this to a travellers menstrual cycle, if there ever was such a thing. I just have to pass through such days.

Well, coffee helps.

Coffee in Pokhara, Nepal? Thats another story you have to click here for!

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