Project 365: Day 23 – Is it a plane?

24th July 2014 – Taupo, New Zealand

Maybe it was the lake, stretched out in miles
Or maybe it was the decline in temperature.
But I saw a plane, ogled at it for ages,
Then fell sick, and drew myself a silly caricature. 
It's time for boarding. Taupo, New Zealand

It’s time for boarding. Taupo, New

They say New Zealand is ridiculously expensive. True, but the most precious thing here seems to be sleep, which I am yet to find cheap. The trend continued today too.

After a late night of drinking, woke up early in the morning to catch a bus to Taupo. When travelling in New Zealand, I suggest a bus pass called the ‘naked bus passport’. Just figured out, that they are called ‘naked bus, because they strip the cost of your travel! Looks like I am not the only one working on wordplay here.

So, a passport worth 50 NZD, can get you 3 trips across New Zealand. I used my first pass today, to get to Taupo. After checking into the Backpackers, I ended up taking a quick walk. And I saw a plane. And a McDonalds. Oh wait, its a plane, INSIDE a McDonalds!

Have you seen the wild seals of Cape Palliser in New Zealand? Click here!

Turns out, McDonalds Taupo converted a decommissioned DC-3 airplane, complete with propellers and wings, into a seating area. If that is not the coolest golden arches ever, what is? I walked a little more to the edge of the beautiful Lake Taupo. And then, a headache struck. Must be all the lack of sleep.

Today, paracetamol replaces Jim Beam. Change was inevitable.

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