Project 365: Day 21 – From country roads to city lights

22nd July 2014 – Auckland, New Zealand

The cold winds pierced my skin,
And the city lights pierced my senses high.
And while the winds blew and the city slept
The forlorn needle pierced the forgotten sky.
Needle in the sky. Auckland, New Zealand.

Needle in the sky. Auckland, New Zealand.

Took the flight from Nadi to Auckland at noon, and the immigration went smoother than imagined. Except for the biosecurity bit, which scared me for a can of tuna that was in my bag. But once they checked the can, and everything was clear, the tuna never caused a problem anymore.

Met a good friend, Bishu, who is married to another one of my good friends, and lives in Auckland. Crashing his pad for the night, and was very lazy to go click something. But one look out of his balcony, and I had to take a pic.

There, Auckland. I saw you already.

McDonald’s in an airplane? Check out Taupo!


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